SkinFood's Newest ULTA Launches Were Made For Fruit & Veggie Lovers

If you're a fan of Korean beauty, there's one brand you need to keep on your radar the next time you hit up ULTA. SkinFood's natural, organic approach to beauty has made it a fan favorite and now, ULTA has added eight brand new products from the food-inspired brand to its line-up.

ULTA has aways featured major K-beauty brands like TONYMOLY, but now they're expanding out their line of SkinFood products. If you're wondering what sets the brand apart, here's what you need to know. They are the very first brand to focus on the ways foods nourish the skin. In fact, SkinFood is so dedicated to their food-based products that they source their organic ingredients from farmers around the world with an emphasis on eco-friendly farming and sustainability. When SkinFood says that they believe in the power of food, they seriously mean it.

It's their outlook on the ingredients that compose their skincare that makes the products so shoppable. The good news? Eight brand new items have hit ULTA's shelves. Four freshmade masks focus on key food-based ingredients and what they can do for the skin, and they're joined by the brand's new Bitter Green Collection which features cleansers and toners based on the benefits of cold-pressed juices.

What new products should you be shopping at ULTA?

Bitter Green Clay To Foam Cleanser

Bitter Green Clay to Foam Cleanser, $15, Ulta

Clear out pores with your clay to foam transforming cleanser.

Bitter Green Toner & Mask

Bitter Green Toner and Mask, $22, Ulta

Need hydration? This mask and toner combo will be your new must-have.

Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask

Bitter Green Clay Soothing Mask, $21, Ulta

A mask that hydrates and absorbs oil? Yes, please!

Bitter Green Deep Cleansing Gel

Bitter Green Deep Cleansing Gel, $18, Ulta

Not only can you cleanse and detoxify your skin with this cleanser, but it will also act as a makeup remover.

Freshmade Lemon Mask

Freshmade Lemon Mask, $13, Ulta

The lemon in this mask will help to brighten up your skin for a gorgeous glow.

Freshmade Cranberry Mask

Freshmade Cranberry Mask, $13, Ulta

Clear your complexion with cranberries.

Freshmade Coconut Mask

Freshmade Coconut Mask, $13, Ulta

Who knew coconut could be used as a firming treatment?

Freshmade Watermelon Mask

Freshmade Watermelon Mask, $13, Ulta

Need hydration? This watermelon mask is for you.

If you're looking for natural, organic skin care that's great for your skin and affordable, SkinFood's new ULTA launches are your new must-haves.