This Delicious K-Beauty Brand Is Now At Ulta

Here's some delish news to start your day. K-Beauty is becoming more accessible by the day. CVS is rocking a curated K-Beauty hub, just like Target did with Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon. Mobile marketplace Hollar offers deep discounts on K-Beauty products, as well. Popular K-Beauty brand Skinfood is now at Ulta. Go ahead and let that sink in like a thick, rich moisturizer on still damp, post-shower skin.

Skinfood's name isn't just clever. The brand's products include a Pineapple Peeling Gel, Egg White Pore Foam, Peach Sake Toner, Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Gel, and more. It's all cutting edge and cute.

Some of the products are Ulta exclusives, like the Black Sugar Perfect Bubble Foam. Other products are available online only, while others are shoppable in stores. There is a rather extensive selection of products so that you can take the best care of your skin.

I've said this several times — the K-Beauty skincare philosophy does not view a routine with multiple products and steps as a chore. Instead, it looks at extra steps as a pampering ritual and a necessary part of achieving the best skin possible.

Skinfood's product descriptions certainly have my mouth watering and I can totally see myself browsing the digital aisles and scooping up a few products.

Welcome to the Ulta family and the Ulta shelves, Skinfood.

Courtesy of Ulta

Is this not the cutest hand cream container ever? I want it not only for its moisturizing properties but for how cute it'll look on my vanity.

Courtesy of Ulta

Bubble foam... sounds so "Ahhh!," doesn't it?

With MAC on the horizon, Ulta continues to be one of my top beauty destinations.