Shop The Adidas x Alexander Wang Collab By Sending A Text

John Lamparski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a world of instant gratification — think: Postmates, read receipts, and same-day shipping — copping something ASAP is not only preferred, it's actually expected. And what's faster than texting? You can now get the Adidas and Alexander Wang collection by shooting a message on your phone. It's a line that's truly made and marketed for millennials. Because what's better than buying online or through an app? Well, texting your order, of course. The first Alexander Wang and Adidas collaboration sold out like crazy, so for interested parties, this text-to-buy option makes the process even faster.

If you've been walking around New York City, specifically in Manhattan, and have seen a minimal billboard reading "Text to Buy (917) 512 7715," you've seen the Adidas x Alexander Wang ad in the flesh. The billboards, which are simple in style, match the brands' approach to easy buying.

Starting Saturday, July 29, you can text this number to cop a piece of the collection.

If you're one of the lucky (and one of the first) ones to actually purchase, a bike messenger of New York City will personally deliver it to you. Pretty sweet, right?

Take a look at their teaser video, below.

If you're not familiar with the collaboration, the two brands have created a unisex collection — the second of which is dropping this weekend. The first arrived this past winter. Season 2 fuses two disparate experiences — raving and cycling — to present the story of a tribe of New York bike messengers,” according to the press release.

But it's not just the phone number you're going to see on billboards. According to Who What Wear, photos of products will be shown on billboards along with a corresponding codes. To buy, you just have to text the number provided above and wait for a bike messenger to deliver their package wherever they are.

New Yorkers are lucky — they get the first pick at the merch. The collection will be available to the rest of the world on Aug. 5.

This is yet another experimental way to deliver products to people that Wang and Adidas have tried out. According to Racked, the first release of their first collaboration was sold out of the back of a truck. These are definitely new ways of shopping.

"Fueled by adrenaline and excess, the protagonist of the campaign symbolize a youthful spirit of freedom,” the press release reads.

It's actually a pretty genius idea. Not only does it build hype by slowly posting photos of the merch, but it also integrates the use of chatbots, making it even easier for shoppers to buy their merch. And, for impatient shoppers, this is a godsend.

Is this the future of shopping as we know it? A text-here, drop-off-there model is a more personable, individualized approach to shopping, and time will tell if this shopping model is a success.