Chipotle Is Adding A SECOND Steak Option To The Menu, This Is Not A Drill

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It's time to strap in and get excited, because this is a day that will stay in your memory for a very long time to come. If you have a true love of burritos, tacos, and anything else you can put guac on, this is a big deal. We can all agree that there are few moments as exciting, as important, as life-changing as a new Chipotle menu item. And today the news of the new Chipotle Carne Asada is finally being shared with the world. That's right, it's a new protein option that's going to be a game-changer and it's time for steak lovers to rejoice.

Chipotle Rewards Members got the heads up today that the new menu item would be rolling out nationally on Sept. 19, so there's not long to wait. It was tested in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Fresno, California, to great success — and rewards members in New York and Los Angeles were able to go to early VIP tasting events. But now it will be available everywhere, for a limited time.

“Our Carne Asada steak is amazingly tender, hand cut, and grilled fresh every day. It performed incredibly well in the test markets and we’re excited to be introducing this terrific, new steak nationwide for a limited time,” Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer of Chipotle, explained in a press release.

The steak is seasoned with lime and finished with hand-chopped cilantro and spices — it's also been officially approved for the Whole30 program and is paleo-friendly, so there's a lot for people to get pumped about if you're someone who follows a specific diet plan. Or, if you're like me and your diet plan consists of eating your weight in chips and guac, I'm sure you can somehow fit Carne Asada into that mix.

If you're a Chipotle super fan, you'll probably know that the Carne Asada is Chipotle’s biggest menu change since the reintroduction of chorizo in September 2018. Of course, they do find other ways to mix things up. We've recently seen them testing Queso Blanco — and a lot of fans got really excited about the smooth and spicy cheese. They've also been known to go as zany as scratch-and-sniff stickers and I can't decide if that is the best or worst decision a company has ever made. But if you really want to keep an eye on everything that's happening at Chipotle (and get some sweet deals) the introduction of the Chipotle Membership Rewards Program this year was a big shift.

Under the scheme, you get 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online, or in the app. The more you eat, the more points you get — and when you get 1,250 points, you get a free entrée. There are also other perks, like extra point days, surprise treats, bonus points for trying something new, and, of course, learning about new developments like the Carne Asada before everyone else. It's a beautiful thing, if you love burritos and you love loyalty — and who doesn't?

Oh, and if you want to try the Carne Asada but you also don't want to leave your house (the dream), remember that you can get free Chipotle delivery on Sundays in September on orders of $10 or more.

So get ready for Sept. 19, because you'll be seeing the new Carne Asade nationwide — and, if you wait until Sunday, you can even get it delivered on the cheap. At this point, Chipotle is just spoiling you.

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