The New Thriller To Read This Summer, Based On Your Favorite Classic Novel

Summer is the perfect time to find a new thriller novel to devour. With so many fantastic books hitting the shelves this year, it can be tough to decide to decide where to start. (Which is a great problem to have!) Fortunately, your favorite classic says a lot about what kind of reader you are and can guide you to the perfect, heart-pounding book for your summer reading.

Thrillers are the perfect imagination-food for your summer TBR list. From reads that play with your mind to novels that are jam-packed with action sequences, the thriller genre is filled with books that will have you turning pages faster than lightning. Whether you're reading by the beach or on a road trip, these books are exactly the gripping adventure you've been craving.

You'll find that even though these two genres have their differences, classics and thrillers can often speak to each other. Certainly the thrillers on this list are going to be a little darker and more action-packed than the classic they're paired to. but they still explore topics such as class, love, identity etc. in their own unique way.

So, whatever your favorite classic is, there's a thriller out there that is sure to hook you. Buckle your seatbelt for your next un-put-down-able read.