Astrologers Tell Us How The November Full Moon Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams

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On Nov. 19, the last full moon of the fall season will rise in the zodiac sign of Taurus — and with it, it will bring a bounty of opportunities and cosmic luck. According to astrologers, the November 2019 full moon will make dreams come true, so don't be afraid to dream big leading up to this luminary. While all full moons generally provide great prompt for reflection and self growth that lead us closer to our dreams, this particular full moon is going to have even greater capabilities, and it's simply all because of timing and planetary alignments.

Occurring just one day before the end of Mercury retrograde (which itself happens on Nov. 20), the Nov. 12 full moon will bring somewhat of a release to all of the communication issues we've been dealing with over the past few weeks. It may feel like, all of a sudden, the tension we've had in our personal relationships will be dropped. With harmony in our relationships — or at least in ability to see where we stand — our minds will be freed up and we'll have more energy accomplish our objectives during this time. Hence, it'll be far easier to manifest our dreams during this team.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, who spoke to Bustle about this luminary, the stars and planets are aligned in such a way that practicality is brought to our dreams, which will allow to see a very clear path toward accomplishing them.

"Full moons don’t bring new dreams into fruition as they are endings, the way the planets are aspecting in conjunction with the full moon makes it a fertile time to revisit an old dream," Stardust tells Bustle.

With Mercury's retrograde at our heels, we're all fresh on how to deal with complications, so we're better equipped than ever to tackle potential challenges that might arise when going after dreams we've had for a while but haven't yet gone after.


Also at play during the November full moon is an alignment of Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, which will be helping us bring thought to action. Saturn helps us get organized and make plans: It helps us put our dreams into tangible motion so that we're not overwhelmed by all of the hard work ahead of us. With Saturn's influence, we can put together a linear game plan and focus solely on the next steps. Pluto's alignment amplifies all of our ambition so that we can stay focused long enough to make changes. And Neptune, which is currently in retrograde, will inspire the dreamer within all of us to feel good about putting energy toward a passion, no matter who hard it might be to accomplish it.

So, you should clear your schedule for the next lunar cycle, as it's pretty clear the November full moon is going to provide an ample space for dream manifestation. To prepare yourself for the this endeavor, you'll want to start journaling and planning now, so that when the cosmos give you that boost in the right direction, you're already flying.