'The O.C' Vocabulary That Only Fans Understand, From "Chrismukkah" To "G.E.O.R.G.E."

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Even though it’s been 15 years since The O.C. first came into our lives, the show has retained a steady fanbase of people who still adore every episode. If you watched all four seasons, you know The O.C. had some iconic phrases that no fan can ever forget. While the show had plenty of serious moments, it also featured some hilarious phrases that took on new meaning for fans.

Much like other classic teen shows from the era, like Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The O.C. seemed to have its own distinct, quirky dialogue. Between Seth’s sarcastic one-liners, Summer’s great insults, Ryan’s subtle digs at the gang, and even Taylor’s way of seemingly speaking every language, the words of The O.C. always had a way of standing out. Even the names for ordinary things, like childhood toys and boats, are pretty memorable. And that's not even mentioning Chrismukkah, a vastly underrated holiday that became part of the mainstream thanks to the show.

If you haven’t re-watched The O.C. in a while, the below phrases will take you back to those days and make you want to marathon every season of the show ASAP. What are you waiting for?



Even though many Jewish/Christian families celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah before the show, The O.C. coined the term Christmukkah, creating history.



When Seth gets a "brilliant" idea that he thinks will help him win back Summer, he shouts "Eu-freakin-reka!," making the word stick to fans whenever they come to a realization.


'A Season For Peaches'

The O.C. changed the way fans look at peaches forever with A Season for Peaches, the erotic book written by Taylor's French ex-husband about their sexual escapades.



A psychic freaked out Seth and Summer by telling them Summer would leave Seth for "George." Turns out, George is actually G.E.O.R.G.E (Global Environmental Organization Regarding Greenhouse Emissions).


"Captain Oats"

Even casual O.C. viewers probably remember Captain Oats, Seth's toy horse who might as well be part of the gang. He starts out as Seth's embarrassing secret but is quickly embraced by everyone, even Ryan and Summer.


"Princess Sparkle"

Princess Sparkle is a bit less memorable to fans than Captain Oats, but fans might remember her as Summer's own secret toy horse, who Seth sets up to be Captain Oats' love interest.



When Seth and Summer first get engaged, Summer reconnects with her former classmate Holly, who has just gotten married. She's invited to join their "Newpsie-weds" group of housewives who spend the day drinking at brunch and shopping. Fans might remember them as being the over-the-top nightmare that makes Summer rethink getting married so young.


"Gimme Sex"

When Seth hunts down his boat Summer Breeze as a grand gesture for Summer, he finds out its new owner changed the name to Gimme Sex. Much more memorable than Summer Breeze!


"Do Not Insult..."

The Cohens are very touchy when it comes to anyone trashing their taste in music. Seth's music catchphrase is "Do not insult Death Cab." Even though Ryan isn't as big of a music fan, he repeats the same line, but with a vastly different band: "Do not insult Journey."


"Backstage Pass To The Mall"

The episode where the gang gets trapped inside the mall is one of the craziest from the show. For Summer, this is pretty much a dream come true at first, so of course she tries to convince them it's a good thing by saying it's a "backstage pass to the mall."


"What Happens In Mexico, Stays In Mexico"

Mexico was a wild time for the gang, especially after Marissa almost died while passed out in an alley. Everyone wanted to forget the trip, so naturally this became the catchphrase for trying to put the past behind.


"I Wish I Was A Mermaid"

Who can forget the name of the mermaid poem that started it all?

If you can't recall some of these O.C. phrases, it's time to rewatch the whole thing as soon as you get the chance.