The 'On My Block' Season 2 Trailer Answers Major Questions From The Season 1 Finale

Nicola Goode/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for On My Block Season 1. The first season finale episode of Netflix's On My Block concluded with a shocking cliffhanger as two of the show's main characters, Olivia (Ronni Hawk) and Ruby (Jason Genao) were shot in a gang retaliation. It seemed that both might have died in the gang shooting, but a teaser video for Season 2 recently released hinted that Ruby survived. On Tuesday morning, March 12, the new trailer for On My Block Season 2 dropped, confirming that Ruby definitely recovered from the violent incident, but Olivia's fate remains unknown. And now the countdown to the show's March 29 return on Netflix has a renewed sense of urgency.

For as somber as the teaser video was — which shows the first three and-a-half minutes of the first episode of Season 2 and was released on March 7 — the new trailer has a much lighter feel to it. While Olivia is noticeably absent from the Season 2 trailer, Monse (Sierra Capri), Ruby, Cesar (Diego Tinoco), and Jamal (Brett Gray) all appear in the new trailer as the same quirky characters you loved from Season 1.

While the trailer steers clear of any mention of the shooting, these high school besties seem pretty stoked that a new year means they have a clean slate. "Finally we can get back to normal," Ruby exclaims in the clip.

That doesn't mean that the events which took place in Season 1 don't have any repercussions though, starting with he fact that Jamal actually found the "treasure" from RollerWorld — a fact which Jamal ends up screaming at his friends in the trailer.

As much as the group of now sophomores wants to get back to normal, a few little clues from the trailer suggest that "normal" might not exist for the teens growing up in the gang-ridden neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles. As Monse says in the trailer, "This is Freeridge, sh*t happens," referencing the show's made-up neighborhood. Later in the trailer, Ruby reflects on his past, saying, "I don't want to live the rest of my life in fear or with regret," which could serve as a clue that he feels guilty for surviving the shooting from Season 1 while Olivia didn't.

The new trailer aptly represents On My Block's ability to mix the typical fun and humor you see in coming of age shows with the serious realities of the kids' complicated lives. While the gangs don't play a huge part in the Season 2 trailer, a TV Guide interview with two of the show's co-creators, Lauren Iungerich and Eddie Gonzalez, revealed that the Santos and the Prophets will still have a big part in the show's new season. "We're going to have explore that and the relationship between the brothers who are in a power dynamic in a gang. Oscar loves his brother [Cesar] but he can't let his brother get away with bucking orders," Iungerich said.

In the same interview, though, Iungerich assured fans that there would be plenty of more light moments as well. "There are some really great things... that are going to come back into the show that are really fun and light," she said. Perhaps she's referring to the moment in the trailer when Ruby's abuela (Peggy Blow) holds up a terrifying dagger when Ruby and Jamal frighten her by accident. If there are moments like that in Season 2 of On My Block, then it will have you roaring with laughter, despite whatever tragedy it throws at us.