This Bra Brand Is Changing The Sizing Game

There are so many schools of thought regarding bras or lackthereof, from sizing to sexiness to ditching them all together, due to the fact that they often lack comfort, because you can't find the right fit, or because you just prefer to be natural and to allow your muscles do the work for which they were designed.

Personally, as a girl with big boobs — I am probably more of a DD than I think or somewhere between D, DD, and whatever comes after but choose smaller bras for the defiance of gravity and because going a size bigger always felt too roomy— I can't and won't go without a bra because I need and want the support. That said, I admire and, well, support anyone with a big bust or small who forgoes a bra for any reason they choose.

I've been a lifelong Victoria's Secret devotee, because they have always offered me plenty of sizes and styles in my beloved black. Then, I heard the ThirdLove Bra commercial during The Howard Stern Show and my intrigue was immediate. The ad pronounced that the brand ditched standard cup sizing in favor of half-sizes.

"Brilliant," I thought! Shoes come in half sizes so why can't bras? This notion understands just how different all of our bodies and boobs are.

Lace Balconette Bra, $76, ThirdLove

I poked around the ThirdLove Site and was astounded by the selection and stylish silhouettes.

I quickly developed a crush on the strappy bra. It looked so pretty and like something exciting and fashionable that I wanted to wear. It is also a cute and sexy way to play peek-a-boo.

Strappy Demi Bra, $76, ThirdLove

Full Coverage Lace Bra, $72, ThirdLove

There are plenty of full coverage options, too.

I didn't know that supportive and fashionable bra straps existed. I saw these and was immediately overwhelmed by the "Want! Need!" feeling.

Courtesy of Third Love

But the brand makes finding the right fit, style, and support a super user-friendly process. You answer questions about your breasts via the Fit Finder and find your best bra accordingly. You can also live chat with a ThirdLove rep so you can choose the right bra. It's a few steps but it's worth the investment of time, especially since the brand offers customers the option to try-before-you-buy a ThirdLove bra for 30 days and to return it if not completely satisfied.

Classic Full Coverage Bra, $68, ThirdLove

ThirdLove is also all about the comfort-driven details, including taglessness. I am currently mulling over which ThirdLove bra I want to try first.