The 'One Day At A Time' Cast Brings Even More History To Netflix's Reboot

Michael Yarish/Netflix

To kick off 2017, Netflix is taking a break from reviving old series to totally reboot one. On Friday, Jan. 6, it will premiere a brand new version of the sitcom One Day at a Time, which originally ran from 1975 to 1984. And it will surely live up to the original, because the new One Day at a Time cast is absolutely stacked with talented performers who bring even more Hollywood history to the reboot. Even better, the Netflix series has reframed the premise around a Latino family, giving a voice to a population that doesn't get many television projects devoted to their experience — and even when they are represented, can often be portrayed as rather one-dimensional.

But One Day at a Time is taking its cue from Jane the Virgin, Cristela, and other shows that put more relatable, less stereotyped portrayals of Latino families in the spotlight. In the reboot, that family will be made up of a combination of actors with decades of experience and those who are just breaking out. Overall, this mix of performers should make the One Day at a Time remake feel brand new, even if you already know some of their past work.

Rita Moreno

Michael Yarish/Netflix

Though Moreno is an EGOT winner with over 50 years of experience in show business, her most famous role remains Anita in West Side Story, which earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. But she's never stopped working, be it in films, television, or on stage, and she's been enjoying some particularly entertaining roles lately, like playing Rogelio's mother on Jane the Virgin.

Justina Machado

Michael Yarish/Netflix

Playing the lead of Penelope, a single mother attempting a new beginning, Machado is tasked with being both funny and sympathetic. But that shouldn't be a challenge for her, because she's gone back and forth between comedy and drama for years. And I'm willing to bet that you remember one of her performances, be it on Six Feet Under, Private Practice, or Queen of the South.

Isabella Gomez

Michael Yarish/Netflix

As Elena, Penelope's daughter, Gomez will have her biggest starring role yet. But she does have some experience, with a brief, small part in Modern Family, and a recurring role in 2014 drama series Matador.

Marcel Ruiz

Michael Yarish/Netflix

And as Penelope's son Alex, Ruiz will be the least experienced member of the cast. It makes sense — he's a tween! — and this will be his first Hollywood role.

Stephen Tobolowsky

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He's a character actor in everything from Momento to Glee, and he has a particular knack for making a smaller character sing. As Penelope's boss, he should get the chance to add another great comedic performance to his resume.

Todd Grinnell

Michael Yarish/Netflix

As Penelope's super, Grinnell's role as Schneider will generate conflict and be one of the actor's most distinct performances. One of his biggest previous roles was on Desperate Housewives. You also might recognize him from Grace & Frankie.

Fiona Gubelmann

As another recurring character, Lori, Gubelmann will tie things together. She is best known for her role on Wilfred and has guest starred on dozens of comedy series.

The One Day at a Time cast is a perfect mix of veterans and newcomers, and just one of many reasons to give this series a shot when it drops on Netflix on Friday.