The One Photo Of Hot Young Justin Trudeau That You Need To See

Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Remember this as the week when everything changed. No, not because of any political or world news. Not because of a natural disaster, or a scientific discovery. This is the week when photos of hot young Justin Trudeau resurfaced on the internet, and the internet rejoiced.

All of the young Trudeau pics will, let's say, draw out your thirst, but there's one in particular that just says everything you need to know about Canada's heartthrob prime minister. It's the one of short-haired young Justin outside, looking up at the camera with an amazing expression of confidence, optimism, and contentment, with just a little mischief thrown in. It's the mischief, really, that makes it irresistible. Why this picture, out of so many beauties? Let me explain.

First of all, let's get the shallowness out of the way. You get the abs and the arms here, covered up in such a way that you're totally hooked and yet tantalized at the same time. Oh, and his eyes. I can't quite appreciate the color, but you can see how dreamy they are even from this distance. He may not have the flowing locks that he has in a couple of other pictures, but wouldn't you just love to ruffle that hair with your fingers anyway? Or is that just me?

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get to the real substance of this picture. First, look at the dog. I don't know if it's his, but it looks like a mixed-breed to me — so let's take that to mean that Justin Trudeau supports saving shelter dogs who might not otherwise have a chance at a good life. (Apparently, the Trudeaus now have a Portuguese Water Dog, but maybe someone in the family was allergic?) Really, it's enough just to see that young Justin Trudeau liked hanging out with cute dogs.

Next, take in the setting. He's outside, and judging by the tan, he probably spent a lot of time there. Nothing looks fancy or pretentious, despite the fact that Trudeau's father was the former prime minister, and the family had always been quite rich. This is a guy who managed to stay down-to-earth, despite the best efforts of the universe to turn him into the sort of person who likes, I don't know, gold-plated elevators and things like that. Plus, spending a lot of time in the great outdoors is a sure way to become an environmentalist — and judging by his actions as PM so far, grown up Trudeau definitely cares about the environment.

The shirt may be questionable in terms of fashion, but can you get more chill than a cut-off flannel shirt? I don't think so. This guy is the real deal now, and thanks to this picture, now we know that he always was. He's the type of politician who I want to sit down and have a beer with, but I also want him making major decisions about my country. Thank you, hot young Justin Trudeau, for giving the world so much hope in this troubled time.