The One Romance Novel Every Hufflepuff Should Read

by Zoraida Córdova
Warner Bros.

Hufflepuffs finish last — which is to say, they aren't as competitive as the other houses. But then again, they don't preen like peacocks the way the other houses do. Hufflepuffs have less attention-calling traits than the other houses, but they are tolerant, steadfast, hard working, and kind. They don't need the spotlight of Gryffindors, the ambition of Slytherins, or the competition of Ravenclaws. But Hufflepuffs are the best friends (and partners) you could ever hope for.

When people first start reading romance novels, they expect the heroes to be alpha males of epic jerk proportions. So, then, where does a Hufflepuff hero fit into the world of romance? Beta heroes aren't necessarily less sexy than their "alpha" counterparts, but there are huge differences in the way they walk, talk, and interact with the heroine. There is just as much tension and lusting, but to borrow a phrase from from Phineas Black, Hufflepuff heroes have "got style."

In Faking It, author Cora Carmack introduces readers to Cade, a man who embodies the sweet earnestness of Cedric Diggory and the weird sexual magnetism of Newt Scamander. Cade is a grad school student and actor waiting for his big break. He left his old life — and his broken heart — behind in Texas, and he's ready to get a fresh start. But a whole new set of problems arises when he meets Mackenzie “Max” Miller, a tatted up "bad girl" with parents coming to town. Max needs a Mr. Nice Guy to introduce to her folks, and when she meets Cade at a local coffee shop, she convinces him to help her out.

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As it turns out, Cade ends up playing the role too well, and so the two strangers have to keep the charade going for the benefit of Max's parents. Cade has been overlooked and rejected in the past, and Max has plenty of her own relationship baggage, but can this mismatched couple make it work? This book is perfect for Hufflepuffs because it is an equal blend of #TeamNiceGuy and Honey Badger doesn't give a f*ck. Plus, it's the second book in a three-part series, so there's plenty to more to read once you've finished.

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