The One Romance Book Every Ravenclaw Should Read

by Zoraida Córdova
Warner Bros.

Everyone know that Ravenclaws are smart. The problem with sorting people into the Harry Potter houses is that there is often one dominating trait that can easily be shared by any of the other four houses. Hermione Granger is smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, and so was Snape. Ravenclaws can be brave and ambitious, and any of the houses have the capacity to be loyal and kind. Even Slytherins. Except, all the houses side with Gryffindor when it comes to Quidditch, amirite?

Still, the great thing about being sorted into one of the houses is that it doesn't have to wholly define you. Luna Lovegood was quirky AF but as brave as any Gryffindor. When it comes to Wilder by Rebecca Yarros, there are many traits shared by the protagonists, Leah and Paxton, that make this novel feel that it can belong to any of the four.

From the cover, you can expect a seriously steamy and delicious hero with a six pack. Paxton is more than an X-Games playboy living it up on on a cruise ship. He has something to prove to more than the people watching his reality show/documentary and his father. Leah is Paxton's tutor. I know what you're thinking. She's smart! Let's put her in Ravenclaw based on that. But Leah is more than a bookworm with the propensity to fall in love with a heartbreaking athlete. Despite the house being called Ravenclaw, the symbol of this proud house is the eagle, standing for strength of mind and heart.

Wilder by Rebecca Yarros, $18, Amazon

Leah and Paxton are on this academic cruise, the Athena, setting sail for nine months across the world. At first, Lean and Pax seem to be complete opposites. He's rich and loves taking risk — in his personal and professional life. She's broke and has a great desire to learn. The thing that binds them is their hearts. I know, that sentence reads like it was hit by a love potion courtesy of Romilda Vane. But our protagonists have their share of emotional baggage that makes this the best slow burn.

Wilder is a novel that tackles the struggle between the head and the heart in the best possible way. With that, it is a romance novel perfect for Ravenclaws.

Wilder by Rebecca Yarros, $18, Amazon