The One Travel Hack That Will Make Your Life Easier, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Travel is great, but it can also be a challenge. Some personalities are better equipped than others to handle the ups and downs of an unpredictable globetrotting adventure, and even those of us who are naturally flexible and able to go with the flow can use all the help they can get when living out of a suitcase or trying to plan the perfect journey. Thankfully, life in 2018 is full of hacks and shortcuts, and there is one travel hack that will make your life easier, based on your zodiac sign. Hacks — already designed to make life easier — are all the more effective when they cater specifically to your personality!

Thanks to some guidance from AstroStyle and a little pretend trip planning on my part, I've matched each sign to the hack that I think will best optimize travel, either in the planning stages or while a trip is actually underway. I, for one, know that I'd be much more likely to hit all the places on my travel bucket list if I have a few more hacks ready in my back pocket, and I hope these suggestions can inspire all of us to get past the part of travel that feels so intimidating, pack our bags, and just go!


With your high travel energy, Aries, it's probably best to keep your hands free, so why not bring a fanny pack along for the ride? With all of your necessities quite literally strapped to your body, you'll be able to follow every last spontaneous whim on your trip without the stress of maybe leaving a bag behind.


You tend to like things your way, Taurus, so check out SeatGuru before you finalize your next trip to make sure that your seat on the plane will be just the way you want it. Use the site to find out if you're close to a bathroom or power outlets, and whether or not you'll be able to recline. One thing SeatGuru can't guarantee against? Annoying neighbors.


Have you ever considered a stopover, Gemini? A stopover is different than a standard airport layover because it actually gives you an opportunity to explore an additional location as part of your travel itinerary — and since variety really is the spice of life for your sign, I think you'd be really into it. According to Travel + Leisure, several airlines offer free stopover programs, the best known of which is Icelandair. Check it out before you book!


You've arrived in your destination and you want to see everything — galleries, museums, architectural landmarks... the works! Find out before this happens and prior to getting totally overwhelmed if the city you're visiting offers a city pass. Lots of major cities — particularly in Europe — sell these passes, which cost money upfront but will save you on admission for each individual attraction.


According to VeryWell, exercise is a great way to reduce the symptoms of jet lag, so if you're feeling off your game after a long flight, lace up your running shoes and get out there. You'll be ready to jump back into your vacation without missing a beat.


Keep the packing and unpacking simple by only taking the basics out of your bag when you arrive at your destination. I'm a Virgo, and I know all too well how overwhelming it can be for organizers like us to watch our belongings spread slowly into every corner of a hotel room. Maintain a system for clothes and accessories inside your suitcase, and just bring the toiletries that you'll need on a daily basis into the bathroom. This is especially helpful if you'll be hopping between multiple hotels!


Libras are naturally charming and great at making friends, but you'll have an even more authentic social experience while traveling if you use the PartyWith app, which can connect you with locals who can show you what the area you're visiting is really about. Seek out people who like concerts and events like you!


You like to be ready for anything, Scorpio — including dehydration. According to Travel + Leisure, TSA will allow you to fly with a full water bottle assuming you freeze your water before you go through security. This will allow you to skip a water fountain refill or convenience store stop so you can get straight to the plane!


Sagittarius, you love a good adventure, and nothing's more adventurous or spontaneous than staying in hostels. Use Hostelworld to get real deal information on hostel properties in over 170 countries. You can book your stay on the app too!


Make like Santa Claus and write yourself a list — a souvenir list, to be exact! Capricorns tend to be pretty careful with their cash, and if you come prepared with a game plan for what you want to buy to remember your trip, you'll be less likely to find yourself panicking about whether or not something you really want fits your budget. You'll be able to treat yourself, because you'll already know you can afford it!


Keep your travel itinerary fluid by booking lodging as you go from your phone. The Priceline app offers you real-time updates on hotel deals so you can be totally spontaneous while you vacation (and hopefully save some money along the way too).


I'm willing to bet that you're a beach lover, Pisces. Protect your bag by using a plastic trashcan liner to waterproof the inner lining. You won't have to worry about your stuff getting damaged or smelly!