The One Weird Starbucks Drink To Try Before The Pumpkin Sauce Is Gone

The Fall Iced Tea at Starbucks is a secret menu item with pumpkin sauce.
Emma Lord/Bustle

I can only say it in a hushed tone, maybe even a whisper — but not everyone can handle all of the sweetness that is the pumpkin spice latte. I know, it's a lot to take in — but for some of us (myself included), the sugar and the spice is just a little too everything nice. Well, if you're someone who likes just a tiny twist of pumpkin and spice, let me introduce you to a Starbucks Secret Menu drink with an actual stamp of approval from the brand. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Starbucks' Fall Iced Tea — essentially a pumpkin spiced iced tea with a little added bonus.

If you're a PSL diehard then you probably have never looked beyond the classic drink — why would you? It provides enough sustenance for a nation and then some. But you can add pumpkin spice sauce to another drink — in fact, while it's available, you can add it to pretty much any other drink on the menu. And in doing so, you can create some pretty wild concoctions — and my favorite is the Fall Iced Tea. According to the brand, ordering it is pretty easy. You just ask for a "Grande Teavana Shaken Iced Black Tea with coconut milk, two pumps of pumpkin spice sauce, and two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup". As simple as that.

Granted, it's a lot of syrup in there — but it still comes together for a more subtle blend than a traditional PSL. Plus it's both iced and tea-based, which is great for non-coffee drinkers and those who insist on iced beverages every day of the year, no matter the temperature. Try prying one of these beauties from their cold, cold hands.

Emma Lord/Bustle

But just how long will the pumpkin spice latte — and the pumpkin sauce that Starbucks lets you put in other other drinks — be around? There's not a set date, but you should have a while. Even though the holiday drinks tend to make a lot of noise after Halloween, you can normally still get your hands on pumpkin spice syrup into November. If that's just not enough pumpkin spice to get you through the long winter, you can always stock up on the Pumpkin Spice grocery selection, in all of its take-home PSL glory. There's a whole lot on offer, from ground coffee to Cookie Straws, featuring the majestic fall flavor.

It's no secret that a huge number of people worship at the altar of pumpkin spice — and that's totally cool, if that's your thing. But for me, just a little hint, a twist, a dusting, or a murmur of pumpkin spice is enough to meet all of my autumnal needs. If you just want a whiff, then grab the Fall Iced Tea while you can — we don't know for sure how long it will be sticking around for.