Here's How The Original Interns Reunited In 'Grey's Anatomy's 300th Episode

by Alexis Reliford

Can anyone believe that Grey's Anatomy has been on for 14 seasons? That's 14 seasons of on-call room hookups, mind-blowing surgeries, and devastating deaths that fans still aren't over. In fact, some of the most heartbreaking losses of Grey's Sloan (formerly known as Seattle Grace) are the exits of three members of the original intern group — George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens, and Cristina Yang, though only George actually died. Fortunately the dearly departed original interns returned for Grey's Anatomy's 300th episode — but not exactly the way viewers would have imagined.

The episode featured three patients who were involved in a roller coaster accident. And, they looked totally similar to the original interns — at least they did to Meredith, Alex, Bailey, and Webber, who were shook by the similarities. Beyond just similar features, the three patient also turned out to be medical interns. Well, according to the Cristina lookalike, Cleo, they're second years as of two weeks ago.

Viewers could tell that Meredith desperately misses her person. And fans do too. Once Cleo is removed from the rollercoaster she's trapped in, the doctors discover a metal shard lodged into her right abdomen. Once strapped to a gurney for surgery Cleo begs Meredith to save her as if she were actually her friend, telling Mer that she is far too brilliant to die. Now if that doesn't sound like something Cristina would say right before surgery, I don't know what does. Meredith gives Cleo a reassuring head nod with tears welling up in her eyes.


Interestingly enough, Meredith isn't even supposed to be at work today. She's nominated for a Harper Avery award, but of course she can't leave the operating room. April, understandably a little jealous at the situation, snaps at Mer for taking her "talent for granted" and assisting at the hospital instead of flying to Boston for the award ceremony. Meredith quickly denounces that statement declaring that Cristina is the only one who understands just how bad she wants that award. Additionally, Cristina is the reason she's still at the hospital and is determined to make sure her "twin" Cleo makes it through surgery.


Much like Mer, Izzie's lookalike, Liza, has Alex shook. And who can blame him? Izzie did just kind of up and leave him one day without an actual goodbye. With the same perky ponytail and upbeat demeanor, Liza was basically Izzie 2.0. And she's also the only one of the patient trio who didn't get on the rusty rollercoaster due to being pregnant. But after she nearly faints in the waiting area, Liza is rushed to surgery to save her baby who's in distress. Alex is shell-shocked from the who ordeal, since Liza asks to stay with her throughout the procedure. After Alex helps deliver Liza's baby he nearly breaks down in tears, as I'm sure many viewers (including myself) did too.

Across the hospital, Bailey and Webber struggled to take of Greg who reminded them both of a young George. Soft, sweet, and full of hope. This has to be the saddest moment of it all, because George was hands down a hero on Grey's Anatomy. And because he's the only member of the "fab five" who's no longer alive. Honestly Shonda this "reunion" was a little too much for my soul to handle.

With so many references to the first class of Grey's interns in this episode there's no way anybody got through the episode without crying. Much like Webber said — Izzie, Cristina and George were a part of a special group of interns, which is why fans will never forget them. Or give up hope of true cameos in the future...

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