How Chase's Major 'Other Two' Reveal Could Change The Show In Season 2

Jon Pack/Comedy Central

The Other Two may become the other three after that Season 1 finale.The Other Two has already been renewed for Season 2, but revelations in the March 28 episode could totally change the dynamic of the show when it returns. The freshman series has thus far centered around the meteoric, overnight rise of ChaseDreams, a barely-teen singer, and the way his older siblings have grappled with his sudden fame. However, after tanking his VMAs performance, Chase receives some sage advice from Michael Che to take a break from the music industry (or retire entirely) and go to college, and he decides to take it.

Unfortunately, that's not great news for the rest of Chase's family. Even though Cary and Brooke were initially wary of his fame, their own careers are now pretty dependent on it. Brooke was just promoted from his assistant to his manager, and Cary was promised a starring role in a Netflix film alongside his little brother.

But what will they do if Chase is no longer famous? Will the show become about what it's like to be a has-been before you learn to drive? The Other Two surely won't abandon its premise that quickly. There's still time for Brooke and Cary to gain some traction of their own, and after that revelation in the penultimate episode about how their dad really died, there's also a lot of serious family drama left to unpack.

Could The Other Two pivot to focus on Pat's slow and sneaky rise to fame? Her kids may not love her "year of yes" when it means she's sleeping with Streeter — but the final moment of the Season 1 finale revealed that she's getting her own talk show. She's the superstar now, (no pun intended), which means that even if Chase retires, Brooke and Cary won't be getting a reprieve from their famous family any time soon. Having a famous mother sounds way worse (and way more embarrassing) than a famous little brother. This could totally change the family dynamic, or they could keep living in Justin Theroux's vacated apartment and carry on with this strange new reality.

If Chase does go to college as a 14-year-old former pop star, that could lead to a ton of hijinks. Considering he completed high school online in what seems like under a month, just getting him into college could prove to be a challenge, and a ripped-from-the-headlines one at that; the recent college admissions scandal is ripe for The Other Two's brand of Hollywood satire. Plus, even though Chase won't be actively pursuing music, he'll still have media attention while attending classes. Fame can be more lingering than fleeting, especially if you're trying to escape the spotlight — and not to mention he will be a teen in college, which makes him a fish out of water in and of itself.

Wherever things pick up when The Other Two comes back, expect more heartfelt yet wildly funny family antics. In just one season, the show has proved to be a clever, whip-smart comedy, and hopefully it can keep up the momentum.