You Are Not Ready To Watch The Trailer For Allison Williams' New Creepy Netflix Film


Allison Williams left Marnie Michaels way behind after her role in 2017's Get Out. But her next character might be even more sinister. the trailer for Netflix's The Perfection features Williams in an absolutely terrifying role, as she plots revenge on her apparent classical music rival.

From the trailer, it looks like Williams' character, Charlotte, and Dear White People star Logan Browning's character, Lizzie, are both musical prodigies. And Charlotte seems desperate to get ahead of Lizzie by any means necessary, including chopping off her arm with a cleaver, presumably to stop her from being able to play music. The movie's already drawing comparisons to Black Swan, and with the themes of artistic jealousy and rivalry, it's not hard to see why.

This isn't just a suspenseful thriller, though. There are some seriously gross elements in the trailer. The Perfection definitely won't be a film for the faint of heart. For instance, the reason Charlotte so faux-graciously suggests cutting Lizzie's arm off is because her skin seems to be crawling with bugs. And it's implied that Charlotte is to blame for Lizzie's internal afflictions, based on the sinister smirks she keeps sending her way.

Aside from the bug situation, the trailer also includes flashes of prescription pills, a chicken being butchered, and plenty of screaming and blood spattering. Oh, and there's also a close-up of a bowl of congee at the 0:37 mark, because why not?

The trailer gives a broad sense of what the movie's about, but the details are still anyone's guess. Even The Perfection's genre seems all over the place. There are horror moments and thriller music, for sure. But the way Charlotte pulls the cleaver out of nowhere and the seemingly over-the-top screams suggest that there's a real camp element, too. And based on Williams' comments about The Perfection to Entertainment Weekly, it sounds like that's part of the point.

"If you were to stop the movie every 20 minutes and be asked what it's about or what you think is going to happen, you'd be wrong — until the movie's over," Williams told EW. "It makes sense that anything heavy is handled in a confusing way, because nothing in life happens that tidily... It's convoluted, confusing, and doesn't make sense until you have some perspective."

Based on that description, it's not a total surprise that Netflix picked up the movie. The streaming service has proved that it's not afraid to feature out-there, genre-bending movies; the simultaneously horror-inspired and satirical Velvet Buzzsaw comes to mind. (Plus, honestly, you might not be missing out by not having to see the whole bug situation on the big screen at a movie theater.)

The Perfection hits Netflix on May 24, so fans who are intrigued (or confused) by the trailer don't have too long to wait before seeing the movie for themselves. It looks like nothing Browning and Williams have been in before, but that's not a bad thing. (It's unique, to say the least.) Again, though, squeamish viewers might want to sit this one out — and this definitely isn't a movie you'll want to watch while eating a meal.