The Photos Of The 'Love Actually' Reunion Bring Back So Many Wonderful Memories — PHOTOS

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The most incredible news of the week so far, hands down, is that a Love Actually sequel is coming in the form of a Red Nose Day Special. The long-awaited sequel may only be ten minutes long, but it's set to feature many of the classic movie's original cast members. Now, thanks to social media, we have photos of the Love Actually reunion — and seeing this particular duo reunited will make you weep many tears. No, seriously. Grab the box of tissues because you're about to be overwhelmed with emotion.

In a series of tweets, Emma Freud, the director of Red Nose Day, script editor of Love Actually and Richard Curtis's real life partner, gave fans a sneak peak of the epic reunion. And Day 1 of shooting appears to involve two fan favorites: Liam Neeson's recently bereaved single parent Daniel and his super cute son Sam, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. As you might expect, the two actors look totally at home on set together, and it's more than a little exciting to see the father-son duo reunited.

Freud's set photos from Red Nose Day Actually show that the Love Actually sequel will pay tribute to the 2003 movie in the best way. For starters, Neeson's character Daniel has been reunited with his vintage green turtle neck sweater, and the pair are seen sitting on a familiar looking bench by the River Thames. To be honest, it's totally unsurprising that Freud reports she "might have cried a tiny bit" during the first day of filming. That is perfectly normal.

It's been almost 14 years since Love Actually was released (it came out in Nov. 2003). Deadline Hollywood announced that the majority of the original cast will be back for the short film, even big stars like Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, and Andrew Lincoln. Seeing Neeson and Brodie-Sangster together again has made me hopeful that a full-length sequel to Love Actually isn't totally out of the question.

Freud also shared a photo of Olivia Olson, posing alongside director Curtis. Olson played Sam's love interest Joanna, famous for her incredible rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" in the movie. The fact that she's on set indicates that we'll finally get to find out what happened between Sam and Joanna. This is just too much.

Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day airs on BBC One in the UK on March 24, meaning that the long-awaited Love Actually sequel will be all over the internet in mere weeks. Brace yourselves, as Freud is sure to share more set photos as filming continues.