The 'Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale Photos Of Aria's Wedding Will Make You Cry Happy Tears — PHOTOS

Eric McCandless/Freeform

Before we can leave Rosewood and the Liars that live there in the Pretty Little Liars series finale, we must, must, must take a look at some exclusive new PLL series finale photos released through People on Monday. The photos offer an exciting glimpse into one of the most-hyped, most eagerly anticipated events in the world of PLL: the Ezria wedding. Better still, we get our first look at Aria's wedding gown, Spencer's baby that a ring I see on Emily's finger? It's all happening people.

The first image — and perhaps the one most deserving of our attention — is the one which features Aria in her wedding dress, showing it off for her besties and bridesmaids to take in. It would seem that they're all gathered together for the official wedding day or they're together for a dress fitting, judging by the fancy room they're all chilling in. While the camera is looking from the point of view of Spencer, Emily, and Hanna, it's easy to see that each of the women is wearing a different bridesmaid's dress. Look at you, Aria, being all progressive and letting your bestie's get their individual style on.

Also, let's just take a hot minute to really appreciate Aria's dress, okay? Sure, it's a little bit on the conservative side (long, lacy sleeves and a high neckline? Really?) but she's wearing the hell out of that dress without a doubt.

Another one of the finale photos shows the women all looking at Emily's photo and analyzing something. While it's not an uncommon pose for the Liars to huddle around a phone and examine some new clue or horrible direction from A.D., the expressions on their faces seem to be either calm or considerate. What are they looking at? Oh, and let's not forget that Emily has a ring on a very important finger; are she and Emison engaged in the finale? Or are they already married?

Another very curious photo involves Spencer posing in front of a three-way mirror with, People notes, "an adorable little flower girl." People notes that it could be Emison's baby if this episode does take place a year onward from the penultimate episode. However, there's a chance it could be someone else's baby; would Spencer have a baby? Your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, one of the most precious photos of the exclusive bunch shows all of the Liars getting together for a wedding selfie. It looks like they might all be getting a happy ending that they want (and deserve), if this photo is anything to go by.

Of course, these sweet photos do nothing to hint at the identity of A.D. or tie up some of the juicier PLL plots. I guess you'll just have to tune in to the series finale to see how it all ends.