'Bachelor' Fans: Get Ready To Fall In Love With This New 'The Proposal' Trailer

ABC/Byron Cohen

Listen up Bachelor Nation, your new obsession has arrived. The Proposal trailer shows off the new show from Bachelor mastermind creator Mike Fleiss, and it already looks pretty wild. Hosted by Season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer, The Proposal first look is full of good looking contestants, ridiculous expectations, and, of course, proposals.

Described as a "soulmate pageant" by Palmer in the promo, The Proposal is a combination of The Bachelor and The Dating Game. ABC's newest dating show will proceed as follows: each episode will feature one man or woman looking for love in a pool of 10 contestants. Over the course of four rounds, contestants will be eliminated by the lucky lady or gentleman, who will remain anonymous to the contestants, until there is only one lucky single left. In the first round, contestants are asked to "woo" the "suitor or 'suitress'," according to the show's official synopsis. Next, they must "bear their souls in a beachwear round." (Sounds a bit oxymoronic, but, hey, who said what's on the outside doesn't count?) Thirdly, contestants will be asked to answer romantic questions from the suitor. And, finally, they will have to gain the approval of the suitor's close family member — earn their blessings, as it were. And all of this happens in under one hour — the promo describes the show as "a love story in one hour." What normally takes a season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette 11 episodes will now be condensed into a tight, one-hour event. More of a sprint, less of a "journey."

With only two contestants left standing, the suitor will then "present a romantic proposal of their choice," which sounds like it could potentially range anywhere from drinks to marriage. One certainly hopes that not every contestant will propose marriage, mostly because the official synopsis ominously suggests the possibility of "a marriage proposal that can't be refused," and forced marriage doesn't exactly scream romantic television. Realistically, this phrase is probably teasing a potential engagement, but it also sounds like one suitor will be forced to say yes to a marriage proposal, and if that's the case, then The Proposal just became the highest-stakes dating competition yet. Given that the promo ends with a montage of what appear to be marriage proposals, one can't rule anything out.

In the brief, 30-second promo, contestants appear in evening wear, not unlike the limousine arrivals on The Bachelor. But they won't be staying in tuxes and ballgowns for too long, as images from the promo also tease plenty of shirtless and scantily clad moments during the beachwear round. There's even a shot of one female contestant playing the guitar in a white string bikini. "I need somebody that's Mr. Rogers and Christian Grey," says a female contestant, which is definitely a unique descriptor. (Though, one has to admit that a sweater-wearing nice guy who isn't afraid of a little BDSM sounds like a pretty intriguing, if not dangerous, combination.)

ABC/Byron Cohen

The Proposal will premiere Monday, June 18, with ten women competing for the chance at love with Mike, a police officer. According to the episode's official synopsis, the contestants are chosen "by a blue-ribbon panel of matchmakers." What could possibly go wrong?

Though not officially part of the Bachelor Nation of shows, The Proposal is guaranteed to appeal to Bachelorette fans, especially fans who want to skip out on the contestant drama. Things can get heated in the Bachelor mansion during the regular season, and contestants often cause drama among themselves that can be both incredibly entertaining and, at times, exhausting. The Proposal is so short, it will likely skip any contestant mingling, which means that if you love the more romantic parts of The Bachelor (the first dates, the proposal) more than you love the drama (sabotage, saying someone is "not here for the right reasons"), then you'll fall head-over-heels for The Proposal.