The #PubertyChallenge On Twitter Is Giving The Internet Serious Glo Up Goals

Puberty is one of life’s great equalizers. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, at some point around the age of 12 you’re going to get swept up in a tornado of hormones, angst, and regrettable fashion choices. For a few years you’re constantly sweaty, confused, and horny, and eventually you emerge, a taller, hairier, radiant version of yourself. Because we’ve all looked back at old pictures of ourselves and cringed, recently, the hashtag #PubertyChallenge on Twitter is taking over social media as people share their “glowing up” transformations from awkward kid to dazzling adult.

The challenge (which thankfully is not about actually going through puberty again — I’m sweaty, confused, and horny enough as it is without having to go through all that again, thankyouverymuch) seems to have started when users started posting pictures of themselves taken seven years ago, three years ago, and today. Some users then began using side by side photos to show how, like fine wines, they’ve improved with age.

The pictures even give me hope and I’ve gone through puberty already. Maybe next there will be a #QuarterLifeCrisisChallenge where middle-aged people show you that there’s a future where your hair is smooth and shiny and you don’t break out in adult acne whenever you forget to wash your face at night.

People have also expanded the trend to include their furry friends, because why should humans have all the fun? Plus, we all need more pictures of baby animals in our lives.

And of course, users are tracking celebrities transformations as well. Because if Drake can go from a dorky child star to an occasional Rihanna make-out partner, why can't I go from a dorky, single writer to a dorky, single writer who also has her own HBO account and doesn't wear clothes with holes in them anymore.

So glo on, sweet friends. It's only getting better.