The Pulling Out Jokes About The ACHA Bill Being Killed Are Almost The Best Part Of This Mess

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Kicking us off into what is bound to be a gloriously snarky weekend are approximately infinity memes about what just happened in the House floor in Congress on Friday, but none are quite as iconic as the pulling out and abortion jokes about the ACHA bill after it was withdrawn by the GOP. The legislation was minutes away from a vote on the bill when it was unexpectedly pulled, with the Associated Press reporting that House Republicans were short on votes to make it pass.

The bill, which was intended to replace the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), would have made it more difficult for women to afford medical services like contraceptives, prenatal care, cancer screenings, and abortions. It would also have defunded Planned Parenthood for a full year. Considering the very real health consequences of this bill passing, particularly for women, it is no surprise that many are celebrating its withdrawal; and as per usual, Twitter's savagery knows no bounds. Within minutes of the bill being pulled, the "pulled out" and abortion jokes ran a plenty. Seriously, y'all — these are some sick burns, not unlike many of the health conditions Trumpcare would have inadequately covered. (*High fives the mirror*).

Read 'em and weep:

What Trumpcare Really Covered

Which we all know is 100 percent effective! (Le sigh.)


Insert it, but then quickly un-insert it, because consequences.

Back At It Again

I mean, this joke will never get old, no matter how many times we tell it.

@ Paul Ryan

Don't be sad, bro! You only did what you know how to do best.

Still Not Getting Old


Oh, How The Tables Turn

In the words of my ancestors: YIKES.

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