This Is What Makes You A Good Friend, According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

If you're one part of a group of friends, you know that each person brings something different to the lunch table — and I'm not talking about snacks. While one friend takes care of planning trips ~because they have to~, another one is on speed dial for complimentary therapy sessions. If you ever wanted to know the quality that makes you a good friend based on your Myers-Briggs type, to figure out whose what in your inner circle, you came to the right place.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality assessment that divides people into 16 different personality types. The results are based on how a person perceives the world they live in and the information they're given. Knowing your type could help you figure out the best career path or better understand how you work in a relationship.

Similarly, having a grasp on the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of your type can help illuminate what you're like as a friend. Do you need significant alone time and are better socializing through a screen? Or are you the kind of friend who prefers to be making the rounds at the local diner and shows up to all the community events?


If you have an ISTJ friend, they're probably more inclined to sink into a couch than agree to last-minute decisions.However, while they're not spontaneous most of the time, they are loyal and dependable, both important traits. Even if the ISTJ friend isn't riding shotgun on a last minute adventure, they're totally supportive of you hitting the open road.


An ISFJ friend is one for life. These personality types aren't privvy to shallow friendships. Once a friendship is formed, you can count on it having emotional depth — the ISFJ type just needs to build up to that point. So, it might take them some time to warm up to new people, but when they do thaw, you'll have a bestie for happily ever after.


Don't expect an INFJ type to bond with you over the weather. INFJ types like to find friends who share their passions, so that they can bond and grow closer to their besties over shared interests. They really care about what their friends like! If and when you're friends with INFJ you can count on them for really engaging in the passions you show.


It's not that INTJs prefer to be alone, it's just that they need their space and they're specific on who they spend their time with — however, you can be sure of the fact that INTJs will be willing to talk to their friends at length once they feel comfortable with someone. You can expect a lot of invigorating and curious conversations.


If you're looking for a pal to accompany you to an activity, ISTPs should be on speed dial. This personality type most likely has an active group of friends ready to go shopping, hit the beach, or meet for lunch. One thing is for sure, you'll never be bored.


Get ready to chill. If you're friends with an ISFP then you know they take things as they come. Want to go to dinner at Chipotle? Sure. Want to go see a movie? OK! ISFPs are laid back, and you can count on them for being down to do whatever.


The INFP is your therapy friend, and this is because they're naturally gifted at reading and empathizing with their friends. Not keen on shallow friendships, the INFP friend is typically always down for deep talks and can help you clarify situations you just want to chat to your bestie about.


It might be a little tough to crack your new INTP friend because they're used to basing their relationships on sharing ideas and interests that excite them — but when they find friends who share their interests, they're the perfect person to geek out with.


The social butterfly flapping its wings in the room is probably an ESTP. Charming and chill, these friends are always encouraging of saying yes to event invites and spontaneous karaoke happy hours. ESTP friends will always make sure your planner is full and your smile is wide.


All ESFP types want to do is explore. And they want to do it with you. These friends are all about sharing. Their lunch, their feelings, their living quarters — an ESFP is the kind of friend who means it when they say "my house is your house."


Do you have a marathon to conquer, or some sort of show to appear in? Your ENFP friend will be there with a massive, almost-embarrassing sign. The ENFP friend is supportive and cheerful, and always up for listening to your feelings over coffee to remind you that you are a boss babe!


I hope you're ready for friendly debate, because ENTPs love to talk about literally anything. They're lively, often provide top banter, and they're always down to make conversations interesting.


You can count on your ESTJ friend to ~understand~ you. This type is keen on traditions. That Sunday yoga then smoothie ritual is something they'll actively work to keep "a thing," because it means so much to them.


Talk about a team player. ESFJs stand by their friends and will always be there for them, no matter what. They're the ones sending you those inspirational quotes out of the blue when they know you could probably use it. These are your ~ride or die~ people.


Don't expect a friendship with an ENFJ person to just slip away into nothingness. They'll keep liking your statuses on social media, texting you happy birthday, and arranging a time to properly ~catch up~ via FaceTime for years to come.


With a big personality, ENTJs could seem pretty intimidating. But if you share the depth of a passion with an ENTJ person you can expect a great and deep friendship. With the occasional heated conversation or debate, of course.