Get Ready, 'Queer Eye' Fans: The Fab 5 Teamed Up With James Corden To Make Over His Guitarist

Get ready for the collaboration of your dreams, everyone. As JustJared reported, James Corden teamed up with the Fab Five from Queer Eye to reinvent the Late Late Show with James Corden's house guitarist, Tim Young, on the June 14 episode. After you watch this collab, you're going to want even more of the "Sexalicious Six" in your life.

Corden meets with the Fab Five — Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness — in order to seek out help in transforming the member of his staff. Since you can't be a member of the group without a specific talent, the TV show host pitched some ideas for his own area of expertise. He first pitched a science-based talent, which caused Porowski to ask, "How would that help him with his life, though?" The Ocean's 8 had a killer response locked and loaded, which caused gasps all-around: "I don't know, how would making guacamole help him with his life?" It was an obvious throwback to the chef's famously simple recipes from Season 1 of the show.

Corden already blends right into this group (and even nails his dance moves in the show's classic transitions) by throwing around some jokes like the best of them. The Sexalicious Six, with the host in an overseer role, is going strong already. Although, they could maybe workshop the name a little bit, just sayin'.

After they met Young, the guys got right to work in their respective fields. Berk turned his work hangout into an Arabian Nights-inspired expanse. France got rid of the guitarist's entire wardrobe for some more James Bond-approved fare. Porowski teaches him how to make a banana/almond butter snack (that even I'm dying to try). The musician gets the lowdown on some new workout moves from Brown.

And, in what's possibly the most transformative part of the reinvention, Van Ness provides Young with a haircut that totally makes him look like a different person (in a good way). Of course, all of this was overseen by the new sixth member of the group, Corden. In case you just want to see the end of Young's transformation, check out his new, Queer Eye (or, Sexalicious Six)-approved look below.

The Queer Eye cast's appearance on The Late Late Show comes shortly before the second season of their show premieres on Netflix on June 15. Hot off the heels of their instantly popular first season, which premiered in February, the Fab Five are back at it again and are transforming lives in the most amazing ways.

In the second season of the show, you can expect the series to be even more inclusive in terms of who will be receiving the makeovers. The trailer for the season teased two of the new charges, both of whom will represent firsts for the show, a woman named Tammye and a transgender man named Skyler. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the cast of the show, touched upon the inclusiveness in Season 2 and their hopes for future seasons to come. "For me, if we're able to get a third, fourth, fifth season, I really want to keep pushing the boundary of people we are helping because there are so many people who don't feel seen," Brown said.

France echoed this statement in the interview as well, and said that he wants confront some topics that may be considered "taboo." "It's not so much episodic stuff, for me, it's about telling people every aspect of our lives to make it all feel as normal as possible," the stylist said.

So, you can definitely expect some more fun times and emotional moments during Season 2. And if the show comes back again for Season 3, maybe there could be some kind of Sexalicious Six reunion on it? I know that I wouldn't hate it.