The 'Queer Eye' Season 2 Trailer Is FINALLY Here & It's Def Going To Make You Cry

by Nathan Diller
Courtesy of Netflix

It's time to stock up on tissues and avocados, because Season 2 of Queer Eye is almost here. The second season of the Netflix series premieres on June 15, and on Thursday, the streaming service dropped the Queer Eye Season 2 trailer, which will have you feeling so many feels.

Season 2 marks the return of the Fab 5 — Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness — as they head back to Georgia to share their wisdom and advice on everything from grooming to cooking, and change lives in the process.

The trailer begins with the members of the cast arriving at an outdoor café seating area in a pickup truck adorned with American flags, as Brown announces through a megaphone, "I see a beard and it's out of order and out of date!" before the camera pans to the surprised face of one their new mentees.

Season 2 of the show — which is a reboot of Bravo series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — will be even more inclusive, in the trailer, the Fab 5 meet the rest of their charges, including a woman named Tammye and a transgender man named Skyler, which are both firsts for the show, which featured only cis men in its first season. The preview also sees the guys assist with building a church's community center, helping one guy propose to his girlfriend, and encouraging another man to confront his struggles with body image.

Betty Who's theme song plays in the background as the people they have helped reveal their new looks and see their new digs, and even the cast can't help but shed some tears.

In an with Entertainment Weekly in May, the members of the cast pointed out that the show is as emotional an experience for them as it is for the audience. Berk said working on a church in Tammye's episode — a school teacher and cancer survivor who is planning her church's homecoming — was challenging because of his relationship with religion. He said,

"That episode was very, very hard for me honestly. I almost refused to do it. One of the things I said to producers and creators when I first got cast, was, ‘I’ll pretty much do anything, just never ask me to go into a church.’ I grew up very religious. Religion was my entire life. And then when I came out, religion completely turned their back on me. And I’ve never really gotten over that."

However, France and Brown helped him see the situation from a new angle, and Berk said Tammye was "so loving and accepting and open."

Much of the cast also noted that filming with Skyler was a moving experience, and Brown told the magazine he hopes viewers take a certain message away after watching the episode. Brown told EW,

"I think as a culture, people need to get away from the bathroom stuff and realize that these are just human beings trying to live their lives, and it’s something that we all take for granted. Hearing Skyler, the first time I got to talk to him, say, 'I tried to get my license several times.' Think about if you were just trying to go to the airport, and you could not get on [the plane] because your license said something different. It's just about people living a comfortable, protected, respected life."

The trailer alone is enough to get you choked up, so drink plenty of water and get ready to feel some feelings when the second season of Queer Eye drops next Friday.