This Video Of Tan Explaining Which ‘Queer Eye’ Guy Is The Biggest Thirst Trapper Is Glorious

Queer Eye's Tan France got super real when it comes to the Fab Five's amazing Instagram photos. In a video from Elle, Tan France revealed which Queer Eye co-star is the best at thirst trapping. Although, it seems like there might is some stiff competition amongst the group.

While he originally said that Antoni Porowski was unparalleled when it came to the hot pics, he changed his tune once he looked at some of Karamo Brown's photos. He explains:

"I thought that Antoni was the best at thirst traps but actually it's Karamo. Because Karamo will add in some ridiculous quote as if it's some really philosophical moment when really I just wanna say, 'You just want an extra 10,000 followers that day, Karamo. Just go with it. Just say this is purely a thirst trap. Hashtag thirst trap."

Someone is definitely on to Brown's Insta behavior. The photo in question had the culture expert showing off his bod and he captioned it, "Sometime you have to look your fears directly in the eyes and say you will not conquer me." Yeah, France is not wrong about giving him the title. This was a classic thirst trap if there ever was one.

Porowski could definitely rival Brown in the thirst trap department, though. He has some tongue-in-cheek captions working out in his favor, like on this one that's mentioned in the vid. Yet, he narrowly missed out on being the all-time best Fab Five thirst trapper in favor of Brown, at least in France's eyes.

The stylist did have some hilarious things to say about the chef's Insta behavior. He said,

"He knows he's drawing attention to his mouth [in the aforementioned photo], which he knows is what everybody's obsessed with. Yes, we get it. Antoni, you're hot. You're not for me. You know you're not for me. But, you're for everybody else. So, keep drawing attention to your mouth. So be it. It's a nice mouth."

Elsewhere in the fun video, France revealed that the group has a surprising celebrity superfan out there. He said that he ran into Jon Bon Jovi in a hallway when the musician asked to take a picture. The stylist didn't believe that he meant that he wanted to take a photo with him. But, it turns out that Bon Jovi and his wife are major fans of the Netflix series. They're such fans that the singer asked France if he would be able to FaceTime with his wife to say hello, which, of course, he did.

France also revealed that out of everyone in the Fab Five, Jonathan Van Ness is the most photogenic. France said, "Of all the people I'm most jealous of, it's Jonathan." During a montage of the hairstylist's amazing photos, he went on to say, "He's always working for the photo. He serves every moment of his life... I'm telling you he takes the best photos. He's the most photogenic." He's definitely not wrong. Although, all of the Fab Five are pretty much pros at the Insta game at this point.

If you haven't watched any of Queer Eye yet, you're seriously missing out. The show basically has it all: the hilarity, the stunning transformations, and, most importantly, the heart. And at the center of the show are the Fab Five themselves: Karamo, Bobby, Tan, Antoni, and Jonathan. As you can clearly see in Elle's video, this crew knows how to joke around with each other on and off camera, because they're actually good friends.

The Fab Five apparently hit it off immediately, according to David Collins, who executive produces Queer Eye. He said during a roundtable interview, "It was really amazing because they had like an instant bond in the casting." And it seems like those friendship bonds are still intact, as the guys frequently post about one another on their social media pages. So, France's comments about his Fab Five friends' Instagram habits are totally in good fun.

Queer Eye returns in late 2018, per The Hollywood Reporter. Until it does, fans will be eagerly awaiting some more flawless looks and overall good times from the Fab Five.