'Queer Eye' Season 3 Includes A Sneaky Reference To An Iconic Rom-Com

Christopher Smith/Netflix

The Fab Five are back for the third time in Queer Eye Season 3, and once again they're doing what they do best: spreading love, fierceness, and self-confidence. In Episode 4, "When Robert Met Jamie," they meet Robert Hitchcock, a 34-year-old psychiatric nurse about to marry the mother of his children, Jamie. The title of the episode pays homage toWhen Harry Met Sally, and so do the Queer Eye couples peppered throughout the episode, who pop up on camera to offer snippets of advice on life and love just as in the iconic 1989 rom-com.

In the original movie, director Rob Reiner had the idea to interview older couples to get their perspective on love. According to IMDb, he was so inspired by their stories that he wanted to record them and put them in the film. However, he ultimately decided to have professional actors retell the couples' stories for the sake of clarity and delivery.

The interviews also serve an important narrative purpose, signaling that this isn't just a cute will-they, won't they situation, but the retelling of a lifelong romance. By adding similar interviews in Queer Eye, it becomes clear that this, too, is a story about two people trying to start a life together, or rather, continue a life together in the happiest, most loving way possible.

And on top of all that, it's just plain sweet advice. ICYMI (or just want to bookmark their advice), here's what they all had to say.

Wayne & Madeline, Together For 64 Years


This was the cute elderly couple that mentioned they'd only had two fights for the entire duration of their 64 years together, and that it was over a black jellybean. Just the odds of finding two people that both like black jellybeans, let alone two people that can make a relationship work for over six decades, seems like an anomaly.

Rich & Pat, Together For 49 Years


"Nothing's gonna be perfect and suck it up," says Rich, matter-of-factly. It's not the mushiest piece of romantic advice, but it gets a 10/10 for practicality. Real life isn't a fairytale, and to stand the test of time you'll have to keep standing through the tough times, too.

Richard & Beatrice, Together For 61 Years


Beatrice tells the camera it's important to never go to bed angry. "And you go to bed, you do a kiss." It's adorable to see two people so enamored with each other after such a long period of time, and a sweet spin on an old cliché.

Julie & Anita, Together For 18 Years


"I noticed Julie's differences and thought this would never work," says Anita. "And then I began to appreciate her differences because it sort of filled in my gaps." This is particularly sage advice when it comes to learning how to meld your life with someone else's, and how to love someone for everything they have to offer — not just what you have in common.

Queer Eye might be about the heroes, but in this episode, it's these couples who steal the show.