This New Series Is Like The 'Real Housewives' But With NASCAR


If a male-dominated sport exists, then you can bet there will be a show about the athlete’s wives and girlfriends (WAGs) who live lavish lives and look fabulous on social media while they do it. CMT is cashing in on the ongoing obsession with shows about famous and wealthy wives in Racing Wives, set to debut on Aug 2. The series follows five women who are opening up the doors to their personal lives so the world can see what it is like to be married to a NASCAR driver. And, there’s no better way to get to know someone in 2019 than by taking a look at their social media pages. The Racing Wives cast’s Instagram pages give a sneak peek into the luxurious lives of these women and reveals a bit about who they are outside of their marriages.

Outside of a sneak peek trailer that briefly introduces two of the wives, there isn’t much information about what fans can expect from the series outside of it being based in Charlotte, NC. But, if Racing Wives is anything like other wife-related reality TV shows, then there will be some arguments, cheating, fancy outings, and a ton of confessionals about the challenges of having a spouse who travels frequently and has the attention of millions of women wherever he goes.

Here’s what fans can learn about each wife based on her Instagram account:

Samantha Busch

Everyone, including people who know nada about NASCAR, knows the Busch name. Samantha is married to Kyle Busch, who rose to fame in the mid-2000s as a teenage racing superstar alongside his brother Kurt. Her Instagram page reveals that she owns Murph Boutique, advocates for in-vitro fertilization with her Bundle of Joy Fund, and has a toddler son named Brexton who will likely become the third generation of Busch racecar drivers.

She looks super glamorous in every pic, whether she’s playing with her son in their massive backyard, grabbing ice cream, or on a luxurious vacation. Interestingly, her photos don’t include many other people outside of her family, so she may not hang out with the girls too often but Racing Wives might be her chance to build some new friendships. Oh, and she’s a Stranger Things fanatic who watches the show in the comfort of her own home movie theater.

Ashley Busch

This professional polo player, US Polo Association brand ambassador, and founder of Monarch Reign (a swimsuit line) is married to Kurt Busch, so she’s basically sisters with Samantha. Ashley has a few selfies with Samantha and promises that they are indeed “double the trouble,” so it won’t be surprising if they stand firm against any other racing wife who tries to come for the Busch name.

She often promotes her swimwear and posts pics of her supporting her husband at races – that is, when she isn’t posing for a polo photo alongside Prince Harry.

Mariel Lane

Mariel Lane is a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, the owner of Shop the WM online boutique, and an ongoing blog with her bestie (and fellow Racing Wives star) Whitney Dillion, whom she met during her cheerleading days. She’s married pit crew member Paul Swan in January 2019 and, according to her Instagram page, is all about having a great time.

She has plenty of pics and videos with her gal pals as well as gorgeous shots of her showing off her curves. And, she often travels with Paul when he’s not on the track to relax in tropical lands and ride horses.

Mariel’s point-of-view as a Black NASCAR wife will be interesting considering that the sport is heavily dominated by White men who are typically married to White women. In fact, her husband is White and she is the only non-White woman starring in the series, so her perspective will likely be a lot different from the other wives.

Amber Balcaen

In an interesting twist, Canadian native Amber Balcaen is not married to a NASCAR driver because she is a NASCAR racer. Per her Instagram, she's currently dating Canadian Football league player Jordan Reaves.

In one post, she schooled her followers about her beginnings in the sport and revealed that she spent her early years racing go-karts in Grand Forks, ND with her father, who is also a driver, and her mom by her side. Amber seems to be super close to her mom Kim and is honest about the struggles she faces in the industry as a rising driver and how her life is not as glamorous and cool as it seems in some of her posts.

It's not clear if she's close to the other women on the show, but she certainly sees the industry from an alternative viewpoint.

Whitney Dillon

Whitney and Muriel became BFFs after spending a ton of time together as Tennessee Titans cheerleaders and former roommates. Whitney's Instagram page is all about her love for God, fashion, travel, her French bulldog Gucci Girl, and hanging out with her gal pals.

She's an avid golfer and the wife of Austin Dillon, who was coincidentally roommates with Muriel's husband prior to their marriage. In her Racing Wives profile video, she says her social media fans know everything about her already because she puts everything out there and admits to glamming it up for the 'gram.

The Racing Wives Instagram pages are filled with perfect snapshots, fun times at the track, business ventures, lush vacations, and wine, so be prepared for lots of fun, glamour, and fierceness on Friday nights.