'The Ranch' Won't Be Back After Part 8, But At Least You'll Know Who Shot Nick

Ashton Kutcher in The Ranch on Netflix

The time has finally come: after Part 8 hits Netflix on Jan. 24, The Ranch will not return. Star Ashton Kutcher announced in the news on Twitter in June, and his castmates have since begun sharing goodbyes to the show. "One of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional career has come to a close. over the last 4 years we have completed filming all 80 live shows BUT ITS FAR FROM DONE FOR YOU!" Elisha Cuthbert, who plays Abby, the wife of Kutcher's Colt Bennett, wrote on Instagram. "I'm so grateful for all my time spent with these incredible actors and crew and I'm so thankful for all the awesome fans of the show!" According to TVLine, The Ranch's final 10 episodes officially makes it the longest-running multi-camera comedy on Netflix.

Hopefully, the finale will answer every pressing question fans have had since Danny Masterson was fired by Netflix amid allegations of sexual assault, and his character, Colt's brother James "Rooster" Bennett, was killed off in a motorcycle accident (Masterson has denied the allegations). Dax Shepard was written into Part 6 as Colt's cousin, Luke Matthews, but some viewers are holding out for a Masterson cameo. "Hope @dannymasterson can return for the finale (I don't believe Rooster is dead)," one fan wrote on Twitter. It's not likely that the actor will return, but that doesn't mean the show won't revisit his storyline.

Part 7, which was released in September, ended with a pretty huge cliffhanger that may or may not have resulted in the murder of Nick, Mary's abusive ex-husband who ran Rooster out of town at gunpoint before his inevitable death. When the Bennetts learned of Nick's return to town, Bennett family patriarch Beau headed to Nick's trailer, followed by Colt and Luke. In the final scene, Nick entered his trailer to find an unexpected guest. "What the f*ck are you doing here?” he asked. And then a gun fired.

Some fans have theorized that Rooster returned to shoot Nick (which is possible, considering the Part 7 final scene was shot from outside the trailer), or that it could've been Luke, who wanted to protect Mary. There's even a possibility that Nick wasn't shot at all. Whatever the case, the fact that The Ranch is ending should at least mean viewers will get concrete answers and a satisfying conclusion.