12 Unbelievable Moments From The New 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Trailer

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

The ladies of Dallas officially return on Aug. 15, and, until then, fans need to see the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 trailer. Everyone from last season is returning, so expect even more drama from LeeAnne Locken, Cary Deuber, Brandi Redmond, Stephanie Hollman, D'Andra Simmons, and Kameron Westcott. The trailer, of course, features shenanigans from the Texas women — and some unbelievable moments.

This season includes a trip to Copenhagen, Brandi's adoption of her baby boy, further disagreements with LeeAnne, and obviously, more costume parties. But that's far from everything occurring in the sneak peek. Actually, some of the moments you won't believe you're even watching. They might just even shock you, which is what the Dallas Housewives like to do.

According to Bravo's official Season 3 description, LeeAnne is ready to change her behavior, which was a huge topic of discussion in the first two seasons. Based on the teaser, it looks like LeeAnne will have a hard time doing so. Another big change fans will see is in Cary, who's returned to work to open a cutting edge laser center. In Season 2, Cary stepped back from her plastic surgery practice with her husband, Mark Deuber, to focus more on their daughter, Zuri. It sounds like she's ready to get back into work and maybe even found a better balance between her career and motherhood.

In no surprise, whatsoever, D'Andra and her mom are still arguing over the family business. But, apparently, she's formed a newfound friendship with Brandi, which is helping her to let loose. Speaking of Brandi and D'Andra, Kameron becomes concerned about D'Andra's behavior, especially because it could tarnish Kameron's reputation.

Yeah, there's a lot happening. Some of the moments are so unbelievable a list needed to be created. You can check them out here:


Brandi Kissing Kameron

These two didn't get along at all in Season 2, but it's not stopping Brandi from trying to lay one on Kameron. Like Brandi says in the trailer, "I've only been with one person in my entire life. You could be No. 2." Kameron's reaction? She says, "Oh, my God, no thank you."


LeeAnne Doing This

Wow. LeeAnne is not afraid to let her dance moves shine.


Kameron Riding A Mechanical Bull

Have you ever seen a mechanical bull go so slow? She obviously doesn't want to get thrown off. Also, be sure to take note of Kameron's pink cowboy boots.


LeeAnne Practicing Meditation

One of the ways LeeAnne's trying to improve her impulsiveness is through meditation. You probably thought you'd never see the day LeeAnne Locken meditated, did ya?


LeeAnne Discussing Infidelity With Rich

In one of the more serious moments, D'Andra asks LeeAnne about Rich Emberlin, her fiancé, and whether he's cheated or not. "Do you feel like he's faithful?" She shockingly responds, "I have no clue." Brandi also expresses concern over LeeAnne not setting a wedding date yet. LeeAnne tells her, "It's not your f*cking business why I haven't set a date."


Cary & Mark's Very Naked Moment

As LeeAnne says in the trailer, "I can't unsee it!"


Stephanie Thinks LeeAnne Has Changed

Fans probably never saw this coming, but, apparently, LeeAnne and Stephanie will find common ground this season. According to Bravo, they both form a bond after discovering they've both suffered from depression. Stephanie even says to LeeAnne in the teaser, "I do feel like you've changed, maybe other people don't, but I do."


LeeAnne Calls Brandi An "Alcoholic"

In a conversation with Cary, it seems like LeeAnne is discussing her issues with Brandi. "You're an alcoholic," she says to Cary. "Like, you're a pain in my ass. I'm not doing this anymore." Later, Brandi says to LeeAnne, "I'm adopting a baby and you called me an alcoholic."


Kameron & D'Andra's Confrontation

Kameron and D'Andra even get into it. "How dare you go near my family," Kameron says to her friend. "You are a liar!" D'Andra yells. Then, Kameron goes for the jugular by asking, "Is this how your mother yells at you?"


LeeAnne Poking Brandi

LeeAnne just can't help herself, can she?


LeeAnne's Fight With D'Andra

These two have been friends for years, but, things get really tense in the trailer. "Shut up! You stay out of it!" D'Andra yells at LeeAnne. To that, LeeAnne stands up and screams, "Don't put your f*cking finger in my God damn [face]!" Yikes.


LeeAnne Is "Exhausted"

And with that, here is another epic quote from LeeAnne: "I'm exhausted. My weave is exhausted. The pantyliner on my underwear is exhausted."

Season 3 just might be the best one yet.