The Next ‘RHONY’ Berkshires Trip Might Be Missing A Certain Housewife

by Marenah Dobin

For the most part, the story lines for the next Real Housewives of New York City season are under wraps, but one very pivotal thing is definitely happening. The RHONY ladies went back to the Berkshires. And while some of the Housewives posted pictures of the trip, for some reason Carole Radziwill is missing.

Come on ladies, what are you doing in the Berkshires without Carole?! OK, so that doesn't have the same ring to it as "What are you doing here without Dorinda?" but the urgency is equivalent. Was Carole the one who took the group pictures, or was she just not a part of the trip? Let's just hope for the former or some other plausible explanation that indicates Carole's presence in the Berkshires for what are sure to be iconic episodes.

The Dorinda Medley-hosted Berkshires trip has become a beloved staple on RHONY. It usually takes up two or three episodes every season, so it would be a shame if Carole wasn't a part of the shenanigans. After a couple disastrous (yet, entertaining) Christmas parties, it was unclear if Dorinda would invite the ladies back to her home, but she has and it's just not going to be the same without Radzi. Hopefully, more photos will surface to confirm Carole's presence before the Berkshires episodes actually air. In the meantime, there is just a lot of mystery about this specific event.

Both Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps shared the same group photo, and it seems to have been a Merry Litmas. They are wearing thematic outfits, Bethenny Frankel is sitting on a giant Christmas ornament, and it's clear that they are turning up like usual. This photo is everything, but it is just missing one person: Carole.

Neither Luann nor Sonja mentioned Carole's absence in their Instagram captions. Luann wrote, "Holiday fun with the ladies #MerryChristmas #happyhanukkah #fun #girls #ladies #friends." Sonja captioned the same pic "#Holidayfun with the girls." That's all well and good, but where's Carole?

Don't panic. Just because Carole wasn't in that group photo, it isn't a definite confirmation that she wasn't in the Berkshires or — even worse — that she isn't a part of the show next season. On December 13, Carole posted a photo with the caption "Filed Under: Greenscreen life." This could be from Carole filming her on-camera interviews for the show.

Sure, that green screen photo could have been from another project, but there's no need to fret. Carole has been spending a lot of time with the NYC ladies these days, so it is very likely that she is filming for the show.

On November 30, Carole joined Dorinda, Ramona, and Tinsley Mortimer for the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. That was not too long ago, so that's an indication that all is good with Carole and the crew. Of course, friendships can change pretty quickly within the Real Housewives franchise, but it does seem like there is too much to worry about when it comes to Carole's absence in the Berkshires photo.

Unfortunately, the cast for Season 10 has not been officially confirmed, but Carole's group hangouts with the other women are a good sign. In addition to the tree lighting pic, Dorinda shared a photo of herself, Carole, and Ramona rocking matching glasses with mustaches in the Hamptons on November 11.

On November 12, Ramona posted a photo captioned with "Fabulous weekend with the girls!" Again, another good sign that Carole is filming for Season 10 and she is very much in the fold.

Aside from the group photo in the Berkshires, Ramona Singer posted a solo shot from the trip and gave a shout out to the hostess with the mostest: "Can always count on @dorindamedley to make it nice! #countdowntochristmas #sundayfunday."

After pulling the light fixtures off the wall and peeling the paint off, it seemed like Ramona might be banned from Dorinda's annual Christmas party forever, but that's the nice thing about RHONY: These women actually make up.

In most of the other Housewives shows, the cast members hold grudges for seasons to a point where the viewers (and the ladies themselves) forget what the argument was even about, but the New York City women argue, argue some more, make up, and then start arguing about something new. So, thankfully, Ramona is back in Dorinda's good graces — or at least she was long enough to secure an invite to the most-coveted holiday party of the season.

As of this moment, the social media documentation of the Berkshires weekend has been pretty light and that's hopefully because they need to keep some things on the low while filming. The same group photo was posted twice, Ramona shared a shot of herself (of course), and Dorinda shared a video of her Christmas decorations.

If anyone knows how to celebrate Christmas, it's Dorinda. When it comes to notable Christmas figures in pop culture, she ranks up there with Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Mariah Carey. Dorinda proved that when she posted a video tour of her holiday decorations. She cooked, she decorated, and she made it nice. Hopefully, Carole was there to experience it, but at least she can check out the video if she got FOMO from being absent.

Let's hope that Carole was a part of the annual Berkshires extravaganza and she has just remained out of the photos. If she's not, there better be an interesting reason to explain her absence. An ordinary excuse is just not enough to justify missing a Dorinda Medley event.