Serena Williams Reportedly SLAYED At Beer Pong During The Royal Wedding Reception

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If beer pong is like ping-pong, and ping-pong is like tennis, then it makes total sense that the greatest female tennis player of all time would sink all her shots. Apparently, the 23-time Grand Slam winner and general all-around great Serena Williams crushed beer pong at the royal wedding reception, according to The Takeout. Williams, who attended with her husband and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, reportedly beat all her opponents so they’d have to knock back all the beer.

According to the British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Williams supposedly landed those ping-pong balls so perfectly into the cups that one wedding guest told the U.K. paper that the sports star "played beer pong like it was tennis." And the reception must've been fun, considering it lasted until 1:00 a.m. in the morning local time.

Let's talk about the fact that the royal wedding — the epitome of elegance and reserved tradition — had beer pong at all. It's a favorite pastime of American college kids, but The Sun had to explain the sloshy intricacies of the game to their readers. The newspaper described the game of accuracy as “the boozy American university drinking game beer pong, where players throw table tennis balls into cups of beers which their opponents then have to consume.”

How Williams managed to reportedly dominate, aside from her wild amount of talent, may be attributed to her footwear; the tennis champ wore sneakers under her pale pink Versace dress, a pairing that she often opts for when she wears long, evening gowns, according to The Independent, a British online newspaper. Williams revealed her style comfort secret on Twitter.

Williams’ career and accomplishments read like a bucket list: She's won nearly two dozen Grand Slam titles, including one while pregnant. She's a fashion icon who has designed several collections for HSN, and has even waded on to Hollywood's small screen with guest appearances on ER, The Simpsons, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Oh, and she's a business owner, with a partial claim to the Miami Dolphins. Also, did we mention that she could bling out your nails if she wanted to? Yeah, on top of everything else, she's a certified nail technician.

And her latest reported achievement has Twitter aflutter. Williams ran the beer pong table, and people on social media loved it.

Apparently, she played so well that it warranted a side-by-side picture with the bride herself.

Many on Twitter summed it up succinctly: she's just good at everything.

According to The Sun, the beer pong setup was a nod to Meghan Markle's American heritage and, likely, her college days (she went to Northwestern University). The wedding guest list certainly reflected that connection, with major Hollywood power players like Oprah Winfrey, Priyanka Chopra, George and Amal Clooney, the cast of Markle's show "Suits," and Abigail Spencer at the wedding as well. It's unclear whether any of them played beer pong with Williams, but if they did, they probably didn't fare too well.

Williams is a seasoned beer pong veteran, and this isn't the first time that she has shown off her beer pong skills. In 2009, she beat Jimmy Fallon by under-handing the ping-pong balls, which earned her praise and the title of the greatest beer pong player from the late night host, according to Yahoo Sports.

Williams took a break from tennis after giving birth to her daughter Alexis last year, but the 36-year-old GOAT is looking to come back again as an unranked player at the French Open. If her game looks anything like it did at the royal wedding reception, she'll float straight to the top of the rankings.