This Is The Hottest Song On The 'Harry Styles' Solo Album

by S. Atkinson
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Given that ethereal quality and those long flowing locks, a vast part of the Brit heartthrob's appeal is that he seems more preoccupied with romance than sex. So, honestly, I wasn't holding out for much fun steaminess on the new album. Luckily, the sexiest Harry Styles debut album song jumped out at me right away as being "Only Angel," so, if you're looking for a great make-out track (or, um, solo make-out track to go with smooching your One Direction poster), then you should hit play on this one. Even despite its more questionable moments with regards to gender politics. But, hey, we'll get there in a second.

There is a chorus of heavenly voices at the beginning, so you're totally taken off-guard when it switches into a classic rock track complete with some vocal styling we've never heard before from our favorite boyband member. It's a little more growly and cut loose than what we're accustomed to. And, believe me, this does not hurt the song's sexual charisma.

Obviously, there's this whole "angel" in appearance "devil in between the sheets" dichotomy that's a little icky, because, you know, pre-marital sex isn't actually a sin, despite what your decreasing access to reproductive health services would have you believe. But what about the good stuff?

Well, for one thing, it's a song with lyrics as intense as the riffs it's rocking. Imagine Styles singing the following lines about you and swoon:

Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door
I got splinters in my knuckles crawling across the floor

OK, so taken out of context of the rest of the song (a paean to being helplessly in lust), the first line is a little scary. But the point is, he's entertaining some passionate feels about you. And our musical wizard is so aware of the effect this song could have on a potential listener; that's why it's all written addressing the second person, so, on streaming it, you genuinely feel like you're the apple of this new solo artist's eye.

Bearing this in mind, you'll either find the following line hot like this writer or gently repugnant, depending on your approach to those kind of cute-awkward moments that are part and parcel of two bodies entwining. "I'll guess I'll be getting you stuck in between my teeth." I don't want to get too detailed about what I think this line means, but, for me, the thought of a lusty Styles giving oral sex with such gusto to a woman with an overgrown lady garden that he gets hair stuck in his teeth is not terrible, to be honest.

This said, there are some other bad moments in this song. "Couldn't you take home to mother in a skirt that short" is weird and oddly misogynistic, but I suggest you cover your ears and "la-la-la" during that part. No song is perfect, but it definitely has some hot moments that prove that the Redditch native has transitioned into a sexually voracious man.

So, if you're looking for an insight into what Styles might be like between the sheets, here's one good place to start.