The 'Shadow Of Night' Book Ending Will Make You Desperate For A Second Series Of 'A Discovery Of Witches'

A Discovery of Witches / Sky

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another witchy, supernatural-filled TV show to be totally gripped by, well you were wrong. A Discovery Of Witches is everything you wanted and more. Like a lot of great fantasy dramas, this little piece of perfection is based on a series of books, The All Souls Trilogy. The first of the series is the title of the show but the second book gives a hint of potential second season spoilers. The Shadow Of Night ending is actually chilling.

Yep, this series of books is a bit like the uni version of Twilight but a gazillion times better and like classy AF. Guys, it's set in Oxford. OMG. Now, sadly as of yet a second season has not been announced but come on, they have to give it a whirl. So what does the second book indicate is potentially in store for us next season?

Well, the first season was fairly true to the first novel so one might as well go on and assume that what comes next for our adventurous which and vampire duo is just as exciting.

OK, so first time round in this trilogy which weaves fantasy and history in a fairly tasty way, the protagonist Diana gets super into leaving her witchiness and magic-filled heritage behind in search of a fancy academic career, namely as a historian. Well swit-swoo, not any old education but Yale and then popping over to Oxford for a little bit. You know, as one does. In the process she finds a mysterious old book of magic, a hunky vampire (Matthew), and more drama than you could shake a wand at. I mean stick. Nah, who cares let's say wand. Anyway, this magic meddler gets herself kidnapped by baddies but also frees herself because she is basically a legend. And she also ends up in Elizabethan London. Sorry whut?

Now, the second book has a bit of a shift and will absolutely surprise and thrill you at the same time. Hell yes for a white knuckle ride. Shadow Of Night gets right to business, picking up where we left Matthew and Diana. Yes, among the cesspits of Elizabethan London. Basically the chaos of dealing with her own crazy powers, her sexy but essentially evil partner, and like actual demons didn't hit the spot for our gal. Nope, she ends up in even hotter water.

Cue poor Diana finding herself in the swirling madness of the darkest magic and even flipping espionage. Woah, it just got a bit Bond-ish in here. Also, a lot of Matthew's alleged friends are kind of evil and not ones to be keeping in touch with. But unfortunately Gmail doesn't deliver to Elizabethan London so the pair desperately try to get back to modern times to escape all of these baddies.

Gawd that sounds stressful but OMG does it also like gripping AF and like super fun to watch, am I right?

Well, here is hoping that Sky gives fans a chance to see the action unfold.