The Reason You Are Seeing Random Noses All Over Twitter Is Actually So Important

If you've ever spent time carefully composing a selfie by honing in on key angles, Twitter user Radhika Sanghani wants to invite you to push that aside. To prove all nose shapes and sizes are beautiful, she created the #SideProfileSelfie campaign which encourages social media users to embrace their facial features.

All it takes is an empowering hashtag to get people across the globe united for a worthy cause. That's exactly what happened when Sanghani snapped a side profile of herself in an effort to celebrate a distinguished facial feature that's often considered to be unattractive — a big nose. A body positive social media movement of a different sort ensued, prompting others to get in on the action.

In a society that considers small, "button" noses to be ideal, a campaign that celebrates self-love by praising all noses — broad, pointed, bumpy, and hooked — is much needed. It was the perfect hashtag to get a conversation going about taboos against large noses, not to mention a tool for banishing insecurities.

Thanks to Sanghani's photo that kickstarted it all, the freelance journalist has created an outlet for anyone that has ever been ashamed of their nose.

"It’s been so freeing to not hide from side profile photos anymore and to actually just like my face," Sanghani said in an interview with Mashable. "So what I really want is for women to share their own #sideprofileselfie and start to celebrate their noses."

The hashtag creator revealed that she had long hated her nose, but this campaign began a shift towards loving what makes her unique. She had hopes that her selfie would inspire other women to ignore society's perception of beauty, adding that "big noses can be beautiful".

Sanghani's relatable cause is the reason you're probably noticing all of the glorious nose pics flooding the Twitterverse. Even landing Sanghani a segment on Good Morning Britain, the campaign has garnered a ton of well-deserved attention.

"I've actually got really emotional reading these messages because I can completely relate to them all, and I just hope one day these women feel able to own their noses like I have mine," Sanghani revealed.

The inspiring tweets haven't stopped rolling in ever since the journalist shed light on the issue, proving this was the empowering hashtag many Twitter users always needed.

One body positive tweet after another has prompted the Twitterverse to share the emotional stories behind their nose insecurities, surfacing photos that some were previously reluctant to share.

Even if the journey towards total self love isn't complete, this campaign has started the healing process for many Twitter users that got involved.

The hashtag got so many people out of their comfort zones and the selfies were always admirable.

It wasn't just women partaking in the self-love celebration. Men were snapping a few side profile selfies, too, proving the campaign was truly universal.

No matter the lighting, angles, or nose shape, every photo was beautiful.

When detailed captions weren't necessary, Twitter users were quick to send a "thank you" to Sanghani. Without her bravery, the #SideProfileSelfie movement may not exist.

Tweeting side-by-side photos of her side profile, Sanghani showed what she would look like with a photoshopped "society-approved" schnoz. The #BigNoseLove truly says it all.

It's the distinct facial features that makes Sanghani and every participant in the #SideProfileSelfie movement unique. There is beauty in individuality and that uniqueness is always worth celebrating. It shouldn't take a hashtag for society to realize that, but it's exciting, nonetheless, that a campaign like this one is making major changes in so many people's lives.