The Signs That April Dies On 'Grey's Anatomy' Are Devastatingly Convincing

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Well, April Kepner fans, the time is upon us. Judging from the promos for next week's episode, it seems pretty certain that Grey's Anatomy is going to kill April. Viewers knew this was a pretty big possibility from the moment it was announced that Sarah Drew and Arizona Capshaw were leaving the show. Grey's Anatomy has a tendency to kill off beloved characters — George, Mark, Lexie, Derek — and with how sudden Capshaw and Drew's exits seemed, death was always in the cards for them.

Of course, now it looks more apparent than ever that Arizona has a clear path out of the show that doesn't involve her downfall, and April simply doesn't. Earlier this season, as April struggled to come to terms with a loss of faith, fans speculated that she might commit suicide — she was obviously going through an incredibly rough period that was going largely unnoticed by everyone in her life. But since meeting Rabbi Eli, she's seemed to be doing better, and, fortunately, that doesn't seem like a likely route anymore.

It's horribly sad to see April bounce back from that low point only to reach devastation once again, but given all the things that were revealed in the latest Grey's promo, it certainly seems like fans should prepare themselves.

April On The Hospital Bed

There's no denying it anymore — April is in mortal danger. She's seen in the newest trailer laying on a gurney as her co-workers try to save her, and though it's unclear what happened to her, it's difficult to see how she comes back from this. It's already certain that she's leaving the show for good, so Grey's Anatomy showrunners wouldn't miraculously save her from a near death experience only to have her peace out immediately after — would they?

Jackson Lunging Toward Her

In the above trailer, it's clear that Jackson is distraught. Something major is happening, and the mother of his child could be dying. This is somehow all the more unsettling. Jackson has his flaws, but he doesn't often fly off the handle or overreact to that extent. If Jackson is freaking out, I'm freaking out.

Meredith's Crying

Especially lately, Meredith has been pretty low-key in terms of showing emotion. She's been hardened by tragedy after tragedy, so it's understandable. But if she's approaching Alex and bursting into tears, something has gone terribly wrong.

Ellen Teasing "Devastating" and "Absurd" Finale

With a single tweet, Ellen Pompeo sent all Grey's Anatomy fans into high alert. She said that the final script of this season was "cypical Grey's.....devastating with a side of absurdity." WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, ELLEN? "Devastating" obviously hints at some kind of death, and given the position we know April is in during the next episode, all signs point to her.

She Wouldn't Leave With Harriet

Harriet seems to be the real reason April can't have a peaceful ending on Grey's. It simply wouldn't make sense, after all Jackson and April went through with Samuel, for either of them to try and long-distance parent this child. It's not the same situation as Arizona and Callie's — they have an older daughter, and even though they managed the distance for a while, it still seems like Arizona is headed to New York with Sofia for them to both parent together. April and Jackson have been co-parenting relatively peacefully, and she doesn't seem ready to leave at all.

Catherine Wouldn't Allow Jackson To Lose Harriet

In addition to the fact that April definitely isn't the type to pull a child away from his father, Catherine Avery wouldn't let it happen, regardless. She's always been fiercely protective of Jackson, and lord knows she has some serious power behind her. Given her reaction when she realized April signed divorce papers before disclosing she was pregnant, April probably doesn't want to cross her in that way again.

No Other Exit Has Been Presented

With Arizona, an easy out of the show was already set up. Sara Ramirez left the show, and therefore, so did Callie. Arizona's ex-wife lives across the country, where her daughter used to live too, and it's a clean and easy break for Arizona to head back that way in order for them to be a family.

Of course, drama still surrounds Callie and Arizona's fraught relationship, and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will feel emptier without Arizona in it, but still — a relatively painless option was open for Arizona's exit, and it's not for April. The only people who we know of that April could escape to (and has in the past) are her family in Ohio, but that wouldn't make sense, either.

Ultimately, it seems like if April would have had a way to peacefully leave Seattle, the show would've been setting it up long ago. They planted the seeds of Arizona going back to New York when Sofia came to live with her, and quickly became unhappy without Callie. April doesn't have this convenient doorway to another life. Unless Grey's Anatomy has some seriously weird plans in mind, it unfortunately seems like April is destined for a heartbreaking demise.

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.