"The Sims" Is Coming To Mobile At Long Last


Consider this a pre-apology to everyone I walk straight into on my morning commute while my nose is in my phone in the coming weeks, because The Sims will be available on mobile for iPhone and Android soon. The iconic game that colored all of our childhoods with get rich quick dreams of rosebud;!;!;! and nightmares of grim reapers collecting us after we yelled "Wabadebadoo!!" with our limbs ignited from oven flames is leaving its original desktop home, to debut in a mobile version that EA games says most resembles the original version we knew and loved from 17 years ago. (Side note: oh my god, you guys, I have never been forced to face my mortality more than this moment right now.)

In the mobile version of the game, which as of yet does not have a release date, users will be able to live out their Sim lives to the fullest — this time with options to create multigenerational families, cultivate legacies, and unlock new hobbies and careers that light your non-sentient Sims' fire. Guys, we've come a long, long way from that afternoon we scarred ourselves for life in fourth grade after we accidentally killed our Sims by forgetting the pool ladder (and then un-accidentally forgot several times after).

Here's a video EA has shared to give us a first look of the game.

Does this have the potential to be this summer's version of last summer's "Pokemon GO"? It certainly has the '90s legacy to back it up, even if it doesn't incorporate VR (and thank god, or we might all dissociate completely). Here are some of the features you'll be able to use in this game:

Creating Sims Characters


Outfits, personalities, hobbies, oh my! Now you'll be able to make your own Sims on mobile, and by make your own Sims I obviously mean make one that looks like you and one that bears an uncanny resemblance to Oscar Isaac for marriage purposes.

Building Your Own House


We could dwell on how sad it is that the only houses most Millennials will be able to afford are fake ones they build on a four-inch screen, but then we'd cry so hard we'd break the game!!! Lol @ the economy, you guys.

Cultivating A Life And A Legacy


The consequences of rampant climate change may prevent us from meeting our own grandchildren one day, but all is hunky-dory in Sims land, where you can build yourself a life and surround yourself with loved ones on your own impressive Sims family tree.

While EA has yet to announce the date of the game's release, you can be the first to know by subscribing to their newsletter here.