'SNL' Just Parodied Arie's 'Bachelor' Season In The Best Way — VIDEO

Will Heath/NBC

The Bachelor fans have come to expect Saturday Night Live's annual parody of the show every year. Fortunately, the comedy series' take on Arie Luyendyk, Jr.'s season so far did not disappoint. On the Jan. 20 episode, SNL's "Car Hunk" parody of Arie and The Bachelor poked fun at the current season's many women named Lauren, Bekah's short hair, Kendall's taxidermy, and more.

Past seasons of SNL parodied Nick's season (as "Beard Hunk"), Ben Higgins' season (as "Bland Man"), and Chris Soules' season (as "Farm Hunk"). So now, it's Arie's turn for a hilarious parody sketch. "Car Hunk" begins with a voiceover introducing Arie (played by cast member Alex Moffat) as "who is, depending on the light, handsome," while also promising a season that asks, "Which of 12 Laurens will he choose to be his bride?" Holding a rose, SNL's Arie says to the audience, "I'm Arie, and I'm a car guy. Vroom vroom. I'm too old to be on this show." As is usually the case on The Bachelor and these SNL parodies, the Bachelor sits on a bench and the women contestants sit with him one-by-one, cycling through by asking each other, "Can I steal you for a sec?"

In "Car Hunk," Arie spends time on the bench with Lauren B., Lauren C. (who says, "Sorry, I'm 30"), and a woman who claims to be the inventor of eating Tide Pods (played by Jessica Chastain). Some of the women also mention some of the "dates" they've been on during the show, which include playing golf with Young Sheldon and playing a corpse on HBO's Crashing.

Midway through the sketch, one of the women notices that Arie looks different — and he actually does, because he's played by a different actor for a second. SNL doesn't only poke fun at Arie — some of the contestants get the parody treatment as well. Cast member Melissa Villasenor sports short hair as a take on Bekah and sits down on the bench with the Bachelor. "I have short hair. Isn't that the weirdest thing you've seen in your life?" she asks him.

Later, SNL cast member Kate McKinnon parodies Kendall's interest in taxidermy. During the sketch, McKinnon's contestant sits on the bench with Arie, and presents a deceased squirrel to him. "So you collect taxidermy?" he asks. "No, he's just regular dead," McKinnon's contestant says, introducing the squirrel as Buster, who was her first kiss.

Fans On Twitter Appreciated The Yearly Bachelor Parody

It's a tradition!

Some Thought The Sketch Was Almost Too Accurate

Nailed it.

A Few Fans Wished For Some Variety Among The Annual Parodies

The show doesn't change much either, though.

Every year, SNL always seems to perfectly mock The Bachelor in these sketches in the best way. And the NBC series definitely nailed this season so far. SNL's previous Bachelor parodies have been just as hilarious, but sadly, none of them have indicated or predicted just who the Bachelor will pick at the end of his journey. On "Farm Hunk," Chris (played by host Blake Shelton) picks musical guest Selena Gomez as his fianceé... which did not happen on Soules' season, but it was a funny twist.

Bachelor fans definitely need to check out the SNL parody for themselves and laugh along with Arie, the Laurens, and see if you can spot the moment when they switch the Bachelor actors. It's truly a blink-or-you'll-miss it moment, but you can hear the audience's big reaction to the switch.

It's so great to see SNL keeping this very funny tradition up for each Bachelor and poking fun at the "hunk" and his contestants. It's really something Bachelor fans have come to look forward to seeing.