This Is Why You Can't Get The Song Dustin & Suzie Sing In 'Stranger Things' Out Of Your Head

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Spoilers ahead for Stranger Things 3. Stranger Things fans love Mileven and the growing romance between Lucas and Max, but now there’s a new teenage relationship to celebrate — Dustin and Suzie. It turns out Dustin was NOT lying when he said he found love at summer camp with a smart and pretty girl from Utah. His friends were shocked to hear “Suzie-poo” ask her “Dusty-bun” where he had been before demanding an impromptu duet with her in exchange for Planck’s constant. The song Dustin & Suzie sing in Stranger Things is the theme song from The Neverending Story, a popular 1984 fantasy film and yet another ode to the past that makes sense in this series.

The magical song, also called “The Neverending Story,” was performed by English pop singer Limahl and American singer Beth Anderson, even though she was not credited as a featured artist, per IMDB. It was written specifically for the movie and ended up being the peak of Limahl’s solo career. Stranger Things 3 takes place in the summer of 1985, so it makes perfect sense for Dustin and Suzie to bond over the relatively recent coming-of-age film and its epic theme song.

And, their long-distance romance (there are four states in-between them) with communication primarily through Cerebro makes their relationship like a never-ending story of her own. The best part is, Gaten Matarazzo and Gabriella Pizzolo, who portrays Suzie, are both singers with Broadway performance backgrounds, so those great voices actually belong to them.

Their sweet duet was a big surprise (and confusing) to the entire D&D crew, Steve, Robin, Erica, Hopper, Joyce, and pretty much everyone who was on that same radio channel because 1) who knew that Dustin could sing? 2) Suzie actually existed and 3) it was literally happening in the middle of being chased by a monster made of the Flayed and trying to disable Russian technology.

Obviously, Suzie didn’t quite believe Dustin when he said that he hadn’t reached out to her because he was busy saving the world from Russians and monsters. After their song ended, the pair went on to gush about how much they missed each other until Erica abruptly cut Dustin off because, you know, they were in the middle of a crisis. And, all the 80’s and 90’s Stranger Things fans were taken back to their own childhoods as they remembered Bastian’s epic adventure in Fantasia. The NeverEnding Story is available to stream via IMDB TV, so now is a perfect time to relive this adventure and sing out loud.


Stranger Things has been a nostalgic love letter to the fashion, pop culture, toys, and entertainment in the 80’s, so it was only a matter of time before The NeverEnding Story would show up in some form. It's lighthearted callbacks like this that break up the gore, darkness, and feels to remind everyone that these kids are still living the best years of their lives.

There hasn’t been word on when, or if, Stranger Things 4 is happening, but hopefully Dustin and Suzie will still be in love and singing fun songs about adventure, dreams, and wonder. Long live Duzie.

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