The 'Leap!' Trailer Song Is Your New Fave Anthem


If you are finally ready to mix things up and listen to something besides the — admittedly glorious — Moana soundtrack on an endless loop, then you need to turn your attention to the French-Canadian animated movie Leap!. The movie was released under the name Ballerina in its original international run, but the song in the Leap! trailer reveals why the new title is a perfect fit. "Hold On" by Extreme Music provides the soundtrack to America's first look at this sweet story of two orphans chasing their dreams in 1880s France, and once you hear the song, you will be instantly obsessed.

The two characters at the center of the story are Félicie and Victor, who escape their orphanage and set out for Paris. Once there, Félicie assumes a new identity to join a ballet company, while Victor lands a job assisting in the building of the Eiffel Tower. Unlike the other girls in the company, Félicie has no formal training, and has to rely on her natural abilities — along with help from a talented cleaning woman with a secret past — to earn her spot in the upcoming performance of The Nutcracker.

In short, it sounds adorable and inspiring, much like the uplifting "Hold On." The pop anthem is a beautiful reminder that good things come to those who don't give up. I can't imagine a more appropriate song for a character with the resilience of Félicie.

"Hold On" is far from the only song you will be hitting replay on when the Leap! soundtrack is released. The movie also features original music by Demi Lovato, Sia, and Carly Rae Jepsen. Given the story's ballet theme, you can expect the new music to be total inspiration fuel across the board.

Aside from its sure to be amazing soundtrack, Leap! also features an incredible voice cast. Elle Fanning stars as Félicie, Nat Wolf voices Victor, Jepsen is on board as the cleaning lady, Odette, and Dance Moms favorite Maddie Ziegler voices Félicie's top rival. You're buying your tickets already, aren't you?

Leap! already made a splash internationally, and now the film appears to be poised to take the U.S. by storm as well. It truly is unlike most animated features — Félicie and Victor are far from royalty and they set out to succeed in their life's passions with little more than determination and raw talent. Add in the stunning setting, and you have the recipe for a hit animated movie with nary a talking animal in sight.

You can catch Leap! in theaters on April 21.