The Song Marnie Sang In The Car During The 'Girls' Finale Is All About Holding On To Your Youth

The Girls finale came and went so quickly, it's almost like it sped off into the sunset without us. Hannah and Marnie embarked on a new journey together, driving into the unknown by each other's side. There was one poignant moment though that hinted at this new journey ahead. In the Girls finale, Marnie sang "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. The nostalgic '90s hit is a song about holding on to your youth even when the future was barreling towards you, which became a subtle theme during this episode.

The song came on the radio while Marnie, Hannah, and Hannah's son, Grover, were driving home from the pediatrician's. Hannah was annoyed that Grover was having trouble latching on to her breast to feed. Marnie was trying to keep things positive and reassure her best friend that there's no right way to feed a baby. In that moment, with the friends on opposite ends of the mood spectrum, "Fast Car" broke in to lighten the mood.

Marnie, ever the singer, began to sing along with Chapman. As Hannah demanded she shut the song off, Marnie kept singing along, determined to make this moment a good one. Besides, it appeared to be calming Grover down. As we listened to Chapman talk about leaving her humdrum life, getting in a fast car, and just going towards a shinier future — something that may have sounded great to Hannah in that moment — Marnie sang fervently until Hannah demanded the music be shut off.

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Maybe the song was too easy-going for Hannah. Or, maybe the song's message about living fast while you're young and seizing what you want with the person you love by your side became to overwhelming to bear. Either way, the nostalgic song was the only one that was played during "Latching," and it could not have been a more apt choice.