The Actual Spice Girls Bus From ‘Spice World’ Is Taking Reservations On Airbnb

Are you ready to spice up your damn life? Spice Girl fans were, for a time, the most diehard of all fans. You picked the girl you loved the most, you dressed up like her, you sang the songs, and you rocked those butterfly clips with every fiber of your being. But now, you can show your devotion and fandom in an even bigger way and live your '90s dream — you can stay in the Spice Girls bus from Spice World. If you were a fan of the Spice World movie (and why wouldn't you be?), you now can relive every moment, from inside the actual bus.

How can you get this chance of a lifetime? Airbnb, of course. The bus will be available to book on Airbnb for June 14 and 15 — and the bus will be situated in Wembley Park, London for your stay. Booking will open on May 22 at 8 a.m. British Standard Time, and my bet is it will be open for around .000002 seconds before it's snapped up.

"This is the original Spice Bus that fans will know and love from the movie Spice World but with an interior makeover," the booking explains. "Working with some incredible designers, we’ve turned it into accommodation so you can stay the night and live out every fan’s wildest dreams. This is the first time the bus has ever been available to stay on." And it's safe to say that fans will turn up for it.

It's a double-decker bus, so it sits over two floors and can accommodate up to three guests. There's even a dressing area, although there aren't any bathroom facilities on the actual bus — but they will be setting up temporary bathroom facilities right outside the bus, decked out with fancy toiletries and all. The inside of the bus is Spice Girl-themed all the way — with decorations that frankly exceed expectations. According to a press release on Airbnb, the bus will run for £99 a night — or about $130.

The host doesn't have any official association with the Spice Girls, beyond being a mega fan. "When my boss mentioned that he was considering buying the Spice Bus I was desperate to be a part of its renovation," Suzanne Godley, the host, explained in the press release. "We’ve worked hard over the past few months to turn the bus into a home, in keeping with its legacy, and I’m so excited to open it up to the public with the support of Airbnb. Being part of this project has been like a dream come true and I can’t wait to meet other Spice Girls fans through this experience." I have been a fan of a lot of things in my time, but this is a new level of dedication. I tip my hat to you, Suzanne Godley.

There are definitely some unique Airbnb locations out there — but this has to be one of the most incredible. I mean, I was pretty impressed at the idea of staying in a giant potato or even staying on a working Alpaca farm, but I can accept that staying on the Spice Girls bus is probably *slightly* more glamorous than in an oversized root vegetable. There's only one thing left to do — decide if you want it. If you really, really want it. Zig-a-zig-ah.