These Are All The Characters Who Will Definitely Be Back In 'Star Wars: Episode 9'

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally hitting theaters two long years after The Force Awakens re-ignited the Star Wars franchise. And yet, while fans are overjoyed at the idea of seeing the newest installment, it doesn't also keep them from asking questions about the next one — Star Wars: Episode IX. So far, the only thing we know about the film is the Star Wars: Episode 9 confirmed cast, but even that is subject to change. Currently scheduled for a 2019 release, Episode IX is still in the early production thanks to a recent director shake-up, and very few details have been released about the film.

Before The Last Jedi hits theaters, the actors and characters that could pop up in Episode IX are limitless. Without knowing any spoilers — aka surprise deaths (RIP Han) — the sky's the limit. That said, there are varying degrees of likelihood for what characters will not only make it through The Last Jedi, but also make it into Episode IX. (There are only so many characters one can fit in a two-hour movie, after all.) Furthermore, even the handful of actors currently listed as confirmed for Episode IX on IMDB could be misdirections. Major franchises have been known to leak misleading twists, spoilers, and casting announcements in order to throw fans off the scent. Taking all that into account, here's the Episode IX confirmed cast, and a few we expect to see.

Daisy Ridley As Rey — Confirmed

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Daisy Ridley is 100 percent confirmed to be in Episode IX. She's even talked about it in interviews (rare for anything involving Star Wars). "I am really, really excited to do the third thing and round it out, because ultimately, what I was signing on to was three films," Ridley said in an interview with Rolling Stone. Fans can definitely expect to see Rey's journey continue throughout the trilogy.

John Boyega As Finn — Confirmed

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John Boyega is confirmed on the cast list on IMDB, and he, like Ridley, has also spoken about his excitement to film the movie, telling ComingSoon.net that Episode IX would be "the war to end all wars in this movie."

Oscar Isaac As Poe Dameron — Confirmed

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Oscar Isaac confirmed his return to the Star Wars galaxy during an interview with Esquire, via Comic Book, in which he mentioned he'd be filming Episode IX next year.

Andy Serkis As Supreme Leader Snoke — Rumored

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Andy Serkis is listed as "rumored" on the Episode IX IMDB page. Interesting...

Lupita Nyong'o As Maz Kanata — Rumored

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Lupita Nyong'o is also listed as "rumored" on IMDB. Though her character Maz Kanata was only briefly in The Force Awakens and has been absent from the Last Jedi trailers, she is incredibly meaningful to the Star Wars mythology thanks to her knowledge of the Force and, one assumes, Skywalker history. Assuming Rey is still looking for answers about her family in Episode IX, it's not unlikely that she'd cross paths with Maz Kanata again.

Mark Hamill As Luke Skywalker — Rumored

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Mark Hamill caused some alarm in 2016 when he told a crowd at a non-Star Wars event, "I finish Episode VIII, and then I'm out of work!" As reported by Den of Geek, the actor later tweeted that he was merely referencing the fact that production on the film would be over soon. He's currently listed as "rumored" on IMDB.

Adam Driver As Kylo Ren — Unknown, But Likely

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Adam Driver has been less forthcoming than his fellow younger cast when it comes to his involvement in Episode IX, fielding questions about the future with expert vagueness. and he isn't listed on the film's IMDB page — not even as a rumored cast member. That said, Kylo Ren is such a big part of the franchise, it's hard to picture Episode IX without him.

Anthony Daniels As C-3PO — Unknown, But Likely

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Anthony Daniels isn't listed on Episode IX's IMDB page, nor has his involvement been discussed in the press. However, it is extremely likely that he would return for Episode IX for the simple reason that Anthony Daniels has been the most consistent Star Wars cast members, appearing in both the original trilogy and the prequels as C-3PO. To cut him out before he can go nine for nine would be cruel.

Domhnall Gleeson As General Hux — Unknown

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Domhnall Gleeson isn't listed at all on Episode IX's official IMDB page, and the actor hasn't been confirming or denying any rumors regarding his involvement. "I'll look forward to seeing it or being in it, depending on whichever it is," Gleeson teased in an interview with ComingoSon.net. "There ya go, talk about hedging your bets!"

Gwendoline Christie As Captain Phasma — Unknown

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Gwendoline Christie and Captain Phasma both became instant fan favorites with The Force Awakens. It would be sad to see her leave the franchise before the end of the trilogy, but if the film ends with the First Order being destroyed, as we all hope it will, then Captain Phasma's end is inevitable.

Billie Lourd As Lieutenant Connix — Unknown, But Likely

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Billie Lourd's Lieutenant Connix was mostly in the background of the Resistance in The Force Awakens, but given the untimely death of the actor's mother, Carrie Fisher, it seems unlikely that the powers that be wouldn't invite her back to be a part of Episode IX.

Kelly Mary Tran As Rose — Unknown, But Likely

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Kelly Marie Tran, who makes her Star Wars debut in The Last Jedi, isn't listed on Episode IX's IMDB page, and she has expertly refused to acknowledge anything about the next film. "I don't know if I'm in IX or not," Kelly Marie Tran said in an interview with Screen Rant. That said, the love for Tran and her character leading up to The Last Jedi's release should send a pretty clear message to filmmakers that fans want to see more of her. Y

Other possible Episode IX cast members include Benicio del Toro and Laura Dern, two actors who, like Tran, are making their Star Wars debut in The Last Jedi. As Episode IX goes into production, fans will learn more and more about the end of this new Star Wars trilogy. Until then, they'll just have to make due knowing that Rey, Finn, and Poe are in it 'til the end.