'Stranger Things' Halloween Premiere Is A Big Deal

by Kadeen Griffiths

Drop everything you're doing and clear your planners in October, because the Stranger Things Season 2 premiere date is here and it's absolutely perfect — although it's also an absolutely weird choice for Netflix. According to a promo that aired during Super Bowl LI, we'll be getting more Stranger Things episodes on Halloween 2017. I'm sorry if you planned to, I don't know, leave the house or something; we all know that's now officially off the table. But the choice to air the episodes on Halloween, which falls on a Tuesday this year, is unusual for the streaming service. Luckily, the change totally works here.

In only 40 seconds, Stranger Things completely managed to hook you, even if you'd somehow managed to forget what all the hype was about. I mean, sure, those child actors are the cutest ever, and Millie Bobby Brown is a budding rapper, but who cares about the show? UH, WE CARES. We cares a lot. When we last left off, Will Byers had been rescued from the Demogorgon and the Upside Down, but his rescue and the town's safety came at the cost of Eleven's life. We've still got Eggos out for Eleven, but we ain't got Eleven? Or do we? This teaser makes me wonder if maybe we're getting her back. I mean, what else could that shot of a bleeding nose mean? That's basically Eleven's signature for when she's using her psychic powers too much.

But, as I said, it's a strange choice for Netflix. After all, the streaming service usually debuts new seasons of its original programming for us to marathon on Fridays, which I assume is so that we can take the whole weekend to watch it. Everyone knows that, if you don't, then the internet officially becomes the most dangerous place in the world by Monday, because spoilers will be hiding around every corner. Or, rather, they won't be hiding, but will instead be so ubiquitous that you basically have to turn into a hermit for however long it takes you to get to the season finale.

This year, they'll be breaking tradition to debut Stranger Things on Tuesday, Oct. 31. But I'm not mad about it. Halloween is the perfect time for the show to return because, in addition to having sci-fi elements, Stranger Things is also a horror movie. I mean, just remember the fear you felt when the Demogorgon first came for Will, who was home alone, freaking out, and loading a damn gun to keep himself safe. It didn't work, but still. Yes, you could go to a party, but isn't watching Stranger Things with all your friends a party in and of itself?


Well, it depends on your definition of party, I guess. Regardless, if Netflix is going to break tradition in order to serve up a show almost in the middle of the work week, then this is the right show and this is the right day. We're dedicated fans. If we don't already have the day off, we will figure it out. Eleven deserves nothing less.