How To Plan Your Own Romantic NYC Tour, Inspired By ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’

by Lia Beck

The Sun Is Also a Star is a novel — and now a movie — about two teenagers who fall in love during the course of one day. And while that story could be set pretty much anywhere, it's the specifics that make it compelling and unique. The Sun Is Also a Star is was filmed in New York City, because that's a key part of the book. The main characters, Natasha (Yara Shahidi) and Daniel (Charles Melton), are both from immigrant families, and Natasha's family is set to be deported the next day. Natasha loves New York and tries to do everything she can to keep her family in the city that has become their home.

And while the movie involves Natasha visiting an immigration office and meeting with a lawyer, The Sun Is Also a Star also includes some more fun New York landmarks, as Natasha and Daniel travel around the city. The new couple hang out at a café, show each other their favorite spots, and visit Daniel's family's store. Basically, the movie is not just about Daniel and Natasha's growing love for each other, but about their love for New York. (You would think Natasha wouldn't be so doubtful that love really exists based on how much of it she has for her home.)

Since a lot of the locations Daniel and Natasha visit are real, you can actually see them yourself if you live in New York or come for a visit.

Grand Central Station

Daniel first sees Natasha at Grand Central Station when she is staring up at the constellation covered ceiling.

The F Train

Daniel spots Natasha again on the F subway line, and they exit at the East Broadway stop. The F train is not the most exciting place to visit, but feel free!

LES Coleman Skatepark

After saving her from being hit by a car (at that point, he's really just following her), Daniel and Natasha go have a seat in a skatepark to chat. LES Coleman Skatepark is located underneath the Manhattan Bridge, which provides a beautiful backdrop.

Caffe Reggio

Natasha agrees to let Daniel put his method of falling in love in a day to the test, and their first stop is Caffe Reggio. Located in Greenwich Village, it claims to be the first café in the U.S. to serve a cappuccino and has been around since 1927.


Daniel's family's black hair care store is in Harlem. (He explains that a lot black hair care stores are owned by Koreans.) It looks like they filmed in a real hair care shop, but aside from the movie's plot, visiting Harlem and checking out the historic neighborhood is just a good call.

American Museum Of Natural History

Natasha says that the American Museum of Natural History is one of her favorite places in New York. The couple watch a show in the planetarium.

Gagopa Karaoke

After the museum, Daniel takes Natasha to one of his favorite places: a Korean karaoke — aka noraebang — spot. The one they visit is called Gagopa Karaoke and is in Koreatown.

Roosevelt Island

Ending their day, Natasha and Daniel take the tram to Roosevelt Island and then fall asleep on the ground and spend the whole night there — you should probably not do this! But more info about the tram can be found here and there are a few things to do on the island, too.


The time they spend in Brooklyn is just at Natasha's family's apartment (in the book she lives in the Flatbush neighborhood, as Shelf Awareness explains), but visit Brooklyn anyway! There's plenty to do.

Natasha and Daniel really go all around the city, so if you want to follow their tracks, just know it's going to involve a lot of time sitting on the subway. Also know that this whole list is really way too much to do in one day, even if you are blinded by love.