These Are The Uniforms That Will Help You Spot Team USA In The Opening Ceremony Crowd

When the USA Olympics Team first steps into the Olympic opening ceremony, they will already be winning a gold medal in style. And the athletes will have an iconic all-American designer to thank for the look. Ralph Lauren created the U.S. Olympic opening ceremony uniforms, and the looks aren’t just lit as hell, they are also heated, which means they are actually toasty. Call it what it is — straight style fire.

Ralph Lauren designed the uniforms to be both fashionable and functional, including a high-tech element that makes the sporty coats a personal heater for each athlete. The complete look includes items like knit sweaters, heated jackets, jeans, and fringe on some pretty sweet gloves. The whole look also has a healthy dose of red, white, and blue in tribute to the American flag. I know, you’re shocked.

The opening ceremony uniform is iconically Ralph Lauren, crossing preppy style with sporty functionality. It certainly won’t be a struggle to pick out the nation’s athletes from a sea of medal-hungry competitors — and that's exactly the goal.

“Ralph Lauren is excited by the convergence of fashion and function, and we are committed to supporting Team USA athletes by outfitting them with the latest innovative technology,” said David Lauren, chief innovation officer for Ralph Lauren, in a press release. “We’re proud that we’ve worked so closely with the athletes, as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee, to keep evolving and improving. The uniform celebrates the American spirit, with iconic pieces updated with modern details and technical fabrications.”


The 2018 Winter Olympics are being held in chilly PyeongChang, South Korea, which means cold-weather accessories are absolutely essential. The team will be wearing red, white, and blue knit sweaters and official USA knit caps as part of their look to stay warm. Then, there’s those loud gloves, which deserve a sincere round of applause for their distinct look.

Ralph Lauren

But the jackets take home the gold. The coats' discreet heating element will keep athletes warm throughout the entire ceremony and is controlled by each individual athlete's cell phone. It’s all incredibly high tech.

"The heating system is made from electronic printed conductive inks, printed in the shape of an American flag in carbon and silver ink and bonded to the interior of the jackets," the press release states. "The printed conductive inks are flexible and stretchable, and connect to a battery pack with three settings. With water-repellent properties and featuring 11 hours of heating time at full charge and immediate heat, the jackets are truly functional pieces for America’s brightest athletes."

Team USA Ceremony Sweater, $595,

This isn’t the first outfit Ralph Lauren has created for the Olympics. The designer has dreamed up looks for the Sochi and Vancouver Winter Olympics, as well as the London and Beijing Summer Olympics. Lauren has been designing Olympics looks for a decade, which means he pretty much has the formula down for a winning uniform.

Team USA Ceremony Sweater, $295,

Though you can't buy the heated jacket that the athletes will wear, you can stock up on the rest of the look on the Ralph Lauren website. The styles range from $65 to $595, which means a whole look based on the Olympics opening ceremony look is probably not in the financial cards. But you may be able to pick up an item or two to commemorate the 2018 Olympics. The gear will only be around as long as the 2018 Winter Olympics are, which is from Feb. 9 to the 25.

Whether or not these athletes make it to the podium, they're already winning the Fashion Olympics.