The ‘This Is Us’ Cast’s Off-Screen Shenanigans Will Make You Adore Them Even More

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

As fans begin to stock up on tissues in preparation for the This Is Us Season 2 premiere, why not explore the behind-the-scenes lives of the actors from the beloved series? A glimpse into the This Is Us cast's real life friendships is guaranteed to make your heart smile. Plus, when the cast attends the 2017 Emmys on Sunday, they'll likely be paling around on the red carpet.

The NBC series took legions of fans by storm during its inaugural season with its lovable, relatable characters and heartwarming storylines. Viewers became immediately engulfed as they watched every little detail about the Pearson family's lives unfold. Watching the intricate details of their sometimes complicated on-screen relationships and natural chemistry instantly gives the feeling that they must be friends outside of work. The show received critical acclaim for its detailed storytelling and ability to touch the hearts of many who tuned in weekly after becoming infatuated with their story. The frenzy has, quite honestly, caused many of us to become just as interested in the actor's personal lives as their on-screen personas.

With Season 2 gearing up to jolt us with emotion in anticipation of hopefully learning the cause of Jack Pearson's (played by Milo Ventimiglia) untimely death, a look inside the cast's deep and loving connection will at least give you joy in the meantime.

Sideshow Shenanigans

Moore and Ventimiglia once got silly during an event, proving that they're not only the cutest couple on television, but that they're also great friends off-screen.

Pearson Gal Pals

As one of the show's lead actors, Mandy Moore, who plays matriarch Rebecca Pearson, often shares candid shots of the ensemble cast while they filming throughout the season. Most recently she shared a photo of herself outside of work along with costars, Chrissy Metz aka Kate Pearson, and Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson.

Best Buds and Bros

As far as Gilmore Girl alum Ventimiglia is concerned, it seems that on top of being pretty tight with his on-screen wife, Moore, he also has a great relationship with costar, Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson. Ventimiglia's character Jack certainly shares a really close connection with with Randall as a youngster on the series, and it seems that the admiration for one another also carries over into real life.

During a recent sit down with The Hollywood Reporter the cast played a game to see how well they know one another, and it appears that Sterling and Ventimiglia are pretty in tune as friends. The video, while hilarious, is a little NSFW, so please proceed with caution.

Sterling Sandwich

Brown also appears to have a pretty strong relationship with his on-screen wife, once sharing a personal snapshot Watson, himself and his real-life wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, who also had a small role on the series as the mother of one young Randall's friends. The ladies were photographed both planting a kiss on each of Brown's cheeks at the Golden Globes.

Happy Couple

Metz once shared a candid video of herself and her TV bae, Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby Damon, Kate's fiancé on the series. The pair seemingly good friends and appear to be having a barrel of laughs while filming together.

Sibling Love

Justin Hartley, who plays the role of Kevin Pearson, posted this picture of himself hanging out with his on-screen sis, Metz at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last year.

Cast Chronicles

Watson once shared an adorable video of herself and Ron Cephas Jones, who plays Randall's biological father, William H. Hill, on the series. And although Jones reveals that he's not too into the internet and social media, he sends out a message of love to Watson and fans of the show.

It seems that there are many friendships between the cast and characters that make up This is Us. It's especially endearing to know that these costars really have a genuine love for one another, making the experience of watching the show that much more special.