The 'This Is Us' Crock-Pot Scene Has Jack Fans Everywhere Sobbing

Is someone cutting onions in here or something? Major SPOILERS ahead for This Is Us. The day fans have been waiting for is here — the cause of Jack's death on This Is Us (or at least the cause of the fire that caused his death) has been revealed. I'm weeping, you're weeping, everyone is weeping. The world's best patriarch is about to meet his end. Of course, it's all devastating, and Jack's crock-pot fire on This Is Us left fans feeling extremely emotional.

Here's what we knew about Jack's death prior to the episode — he died as a result of a fire in 1998, when the kids were teens. Rebecca was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, and she cried in her car when she pulled up to the remains of the house. Kate blames herself for her father's death, and afterward, she and Randall were in Miguel's house with a dog and Randall's redheaded girlfriend. Kevin, with a broken leg, was off somewhere, making out with Sophie. In the Jan. 16 episode, "Clooney," viewers saw that the smoke detector in the Pearson home was missing its batteries. (Were you kidding me with that shot, This Is Us? Brutal). Now, the rest of the picture has been completed. On Super Bowl Sunday, the very same slow cooker that was used to make game-day chili sparked a fire, causing the whole kitchen to go up in flames... then the living room... and then, the fire crept up the stairs. Of course, if the smoke alarm would have worked, this would have been less of a problem.

Again, I'm not crying. You're crying. And the fans are crying, too. Let's see what they have to say.

Many Have Sworn Off Their Slow Cookers


Some Are Not Emotionally Ready For The Next Episode

Neither am I, to be honest.

And No One Is Ready For The Super Bowl

Who wants to cry into all that guacamole, anyway?

Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, and Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, have both teased the gut-wrenching event in previous weeks. Ventimiglia told US Weekly that fans should expect some pain at seeing Jack's passing:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Moore said that viewers should wait for Jack's death but not lose sight of the big picture of the Pearson family. She said:

The show is about the Pearsons and how they've managed to survive, sure, but I, personally, just can't get over how different this family would have been if Jack would have lived. Probably wouldn't be a television show about it, but it's amazing how one moment can truly change everything. Now that the cause Jack's death is revealed, This Is Us can focus on its torrent of consequences.