The Loneliest State In The U.S. Is...

If you're feeling lonely this Valentine's Day, you are definitely not alone. Unfortunately it can be an incredibly divisive holiday — people love it or hate it, it makes them feel happy and in love or makes the feel bad about not being in a relationship — which isn't cool. But at least, if you're feeling low, it's helpful to know that so many people feel this way. In fact, Whisper— that addicting app where people share their secrets and thoughts anonymously— looked at what people were posting, to decide where the most romantic areas and the loneliest areas were in the lead up to Valentine's Day. In fact, they looked at over two million posts— so not too shabby at all, on the sample front.

From the information they gathered, they were able to make a list of the most romantic states and the loneliest ones. And at first I was like, what constitutes loneliness? But then I saw they were looking for posts with phrases like "being single", "hating V-Day", "needing a BF/GF" and "wanting a husband/wife"— which are pretty damn clear. People who are not in a relationship and not happy at all about it. So where is this happening? This is what the data found:


But there's so much sun, so much sand! Apparently, loneliness lies beneath the Hollywood glow.

New Mexico

The Great Roadrunner state came in at number two for loneliness levels.

North Dakota

North Dakota came in at number three on the list, but interestingly South Dakota wasn't on it at all. What's the south's secret?


Minnesota may be the star of the North, but some folks there are feeling pretty lonely.


Arizona, New Mexico's neighbor, came in at number five. We've got a lot of Westerly desert-y states making appearances.


See? Utah came in at number six, and it's another one from out there in the West.


If everything is bigger in Texas, the loneliness must be too.


Sorry, Las Vegas. You can't keep Nevada off the list. In fact, maybe you put it on there.


Colorado means that all four of the 'four corners' states managed to make the list. Something is happening where those four states meet, guys. And that thing is loneliness.


And finally, Florida rounded out the top ten. Sorry, Florida.

Luckily, Whisper mapped out the whole country, so you can see where the loneliest and the most romantic states fall:

Whether you're feeling romantic or not, single or in a relationship, make sure to spend your Valentine's Day however you want it. Plus, there are always the half price chocolates on the 15th to look forward to— and isn't that the true spirit of Valentine's Day?